3D- Geo-Magnetometer, High-Resolution Isotropic Magnetic DC Field Sensor

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  • Attention: No sale of this product to private individuals!
  • high resolution three-dimensional probe for magnetic DC fields
  • measuring range: <±10 nT to ± 200.000 nT
  • USB connection to the customer's own PC
  • supplied with software and interface cable
  • display of x, y and z component as well as the square average reading
  • storage of the readings and graphic view on the PC

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3D Geo-Magnetometer, High-Resolution Isotropic Magnetic DC Field Sensor

Attention: No sale of this product to private individuals!

The 3D Geo-Magnetometer is a cubic sensor for measuring the magnetic flux density of (static) magnetic
DC fields such as the Earth's magnetic field and for the determination of anomalies and biologically active
location factors.

  • Measurement is almost independent of the sensor orientation
  • Display of readings as 3D values, and for the  x, y and z directions
  • Display of readings in either µT or nT units
  • Max. Measuring range up to ± 200 µT (= ± 200,000 nT)
  • Absolute or relative values
  • Accuracy better than 10 nT
  • easy to handle
  • Long-term records

In one-dimensionally measuring magnetometers even slight movements cause large readings fluctuations.
This makes the detection of geological faults difficult. 3D magnetometers are much more stable here! There are three magnetic field sensors and a dedicated microprocessor
integrated in the probe. The sensor measures the three orthogonal components (x, y, and z-component) of the magnetic flux density and thereof calculates the compensation magnetic flux density.

Due to the geometric design and to the signal processing of the sensor  the display of the substitute flux density takes place isotropically, that is, independent of direction. The sensor therefore always shows the correct flux density value, regardless of its orientation relative to the magnetic field. The field distribution and the direction of the field need not be known for the measurement. But the field direction can be determined with the instrument since not only the field strength, but also the x-, y-and z-components are displayed during the measurement.

By means of the software supplied with the 3D Geo-Magnetometer the data of the measurement directions x, y and z can be simultaneously transmitted to the computer by using the "grid measurement" per position with just one push of a button. From this, the software generates a graph that clearly represents the field distribution in space and thus gives an indication of the position of the field sources.

Technical data:
Measuring range: <± 10 nT to ± 200,000 nT (= ± 200 µT)
Max. permissible magnetic field: 1 mT
Max. measurement sensitivity: 7 nT
Accuracy: ± 1% at +20 °C, relative to full scale
Ambient temperature: -40 °C to +80 °C
Dimensions: 110 mm x 110 mm x 110 mm (LxWxH)
Interface: serial interface including USB towards the computer
Weight: 1650 g
Power supply: 9V via the interface
Power consumption: max. 40 mA

Scope of delivery:
  • 3D Geo-Magnetometer sensor in a carry case
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • 5 meters interface cable for connection to the PC (USB to 9-pin)
  • Tripod mount with plastic tripod thread
  • Software for Windows ® indows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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