STL50-1-1R-0, Safety Temperature Limiter for PT100 Sensor, 230VAC

Item number: STL50-1-1R-0

  • Useful as temperature limiter/-guard and exhaust gas temperature limiter
  • Input for RTD Pt100 sensor
  • Auxiliary voltage: 230VAC
  • Alarm output: 1 relaySPDT
  • Programming via backlit LCD graphic display
  • Certified according toDIN EN 14597 SIL 2
  • Category: Limit Monitors

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    STL50-1-1R-0, Safety Temperature Limiter for PT100 Sensor, 230VAC

    For PT100 probes, certified to DIN EN 14597 (replaces DIN 3440), SIL 2.
    • For use as:
      STB Protection - temperature limiter
      ASTB Exhaust gas protection - temperature limiter
      STW Protection - temperature monitor
    • Certified according to EN 61508 SIL2
    • Input Pt100, 3-wire circuit
    • Temperature limit value and switching hysteresis programmable
    • Basic accuracy < 0.5% 2 digits
    • Reaction time = 0.5 sec
    • Alarm output 1 relay; SPDT
    • Clear text programming via graphic display 128x64 pixel,
      with white background lightning
    • Memory function for error report
    • Operation-lock feature (password protection)
    • Case for switchboard installation
    The STL50 safety temperature limiter is used where ever thermal processes must be monitored and the system must be transferred into a safe operational state in case of fault. If the permissible temperature limit value is reached, or if a fault occurs within the permissible temperature range on the monitoring equipment
    (sensor open, sensor short-circuit, failure of a component part in the device, fault in the software, failure or inadmissible value of the Supply voltage etc.), the STL50 switches off without delay.
    The alarm contact is activated, the LED ALARM on the front panel and the back-lighting of the display light
    up, and the error cause is indicated as plain text on the display.
    In addition, there is a 24 V DC signal present on the terminals 17-18 for an external alarm signal.

    Brief description:
    Programming: The device is programmed using the front-sided buttons, in connection with the graphics display.
    Operating modes: The device can be used as:
    STB: Maximum or minimum monitoring with lock
    Reset following removal of the fault through actuation of the front side button
    or externally connected pushbutton
    ASTB: As before, however for the monitoring of the exhaust gas temperature
    STW: Maximum or minimum monitoring without lock
    Reset automatically on return into the permissible range

    Switching hysteresis: Always acts in the direction of safe range.
    Error log memory: The last fault is stored as plain text and can be called up in the working level and deleted.
    Temperature probe:
    Attention: The device may be operated only with temperature probes which are certified according to DIN EN 14597

    Technical data:
    Housing: DIN rail mounting TS35
    Floor space: 50x100 mm (BxH)
    Mounting height: 110 mm
    Input: RTD (Pt100) 3-wire connection: -100.0 to +600.0 C
    Output: relay, 1 x CO contacts
    Supply voltage: 230 VAC 10 %, 50-60 Hz
    (115 VAC version available upon request)

    Please note: Sensors need to be ordered separately!

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