G 7500-PH/CON/O2, Portable Multisensor Meter for Water Analysis, Kit with 3 Probes

Item number: G7500-PH/CON/O2

  • simultaneous measurement of pH / oxygen or pH / conductivity and the associated temperatures
  • integrated galvanic isolation allows simultaneous measuring ? with cost-efficient standard sensor technology
  • the display allows comfortable reading of various values simultaneously and of the measurement progression in diagram form
  • the data logger can be read out directly via USB ? with standard smartphone cable or software
  • simple and comfortable battery charging via USB connection
  • Category: pH Meters and Transducers

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    G 7500-PH/CON/O2, Portable Multisensor Meter for Water Analysis, Kit with 3 Probes

    G 7500 is a comfortable multichannel measuring device for water analysis. It measures two parameters and the associated temperature simultaneously.
    Kit G 7500-PH/CON/O2 contains three probes for pH/temperature, redox and dissolved oxygen.
    All major electrochemical measurements are combinable with these:
    * pH/redox + conductivity/salinity
    * pH/redox + dissolved oxygen

    The illuminated graphic display indicates all parameters in plain text in German or English.
    Large display or measurement diagrams are also displayable.

    The modern device platform uses the common USB cables for charging the internal (interchangeable) batteries and for reading out the data logger without the need of any additional software or adaptor. 
    The logger is read out comfortably like a USB 2.0 pen drive. 

    • water monitoring
    • neutralization processes
    • agricultural measurement
    • drinking water treatment
    • sewage treatment plants
    • fish farming and aquaculture
    • vertical/urban farming

    Technical data:
    Input no. 1, pH/redox
    Connection: BNC, water resistant
    Measuring range: -2.00 ... +16.00pH (±0.25% FS @ 25°C)
                               or -1500...+1500mV redox voltage (±0.25% FS @ 25°C)
    Temperature: -10.0 ... +150.0°C (Pt1000) ±0.25 % FS 
                      connection via 4mm banana plug, alternatively via O2/LF sensor
    Temperature compensation: manual, automatic

    Input no. 2
    Connection: 7-pole bayonet socket
    Temperature: -10.0 ... +110.0°C (NTC or Pt1000)
                             measuring range (Pt 1000):
                             -10.0 ... +110.0°C
                             measuring range (NTC 10k):
                             -10.0 ... +110.0°C (integrated in O2/LF sensor)

         Measuring range: 0µS/cm ... 500mS/cm (±0.5% FS @ 25°C)
         Salinity/PSU: 0.0 ... 70.0g/kg
         Cell constant: 0.3 ... 1.6000 1/cm
    Temperatur e compensation:
         Off, linear (0.300..3.000% /K), NLF (according to DIN EN 27888),
         Reference temperature: 20°C or 25°C (adjustable)

    Dissolved oxygen
    Measuring range: Oxygen saturation: 0.0 ... 500.0% sat
                                   Oxygen concentration: 0.0 ... 50.0mg/l
                                   Oxygen partial pressure: 0 ... 1013mbar O2
          (accuracy depending on sensor and calibration, with flow
            >20cm/s, add.. ±1.5 % FS @ 25°C, 100% sat. O2)
        Temperature compensation: Automatic via connected sensor
        Pressure compensation: Manual, automatic via internal sensor:  500 ... 1100hPa ±4hPa
        Salinity compensation: Manual PSU 0 ... 70g/kg
    Additional functions: Text based user guidance (DE/EN), 
                                      Charging via USB socket (3 x AAA rechargeable batteries integrated, interchangeable)
    Display: LCD (180 x 128 pixels), monochrome, adjustable background illumination
    Interface: USB 2.0, Micro USB socket
    Calibration: pH 1 ... 5-point calibration (PHL buffer, DIN buffer)
                            LF cell constant
                            O2: water-saturated air
    Data logger:  8 GB with  FAT file system
    Alarm: audible (horn)
               visual (red LCD background)
    Power supply: 3 x NiMh AAA (max. 750mAh)
    Current drain: ON: ca. 75mA in operation;
                              OFF: ca. <0.1mA
    Housing: impact resistant ABS, with integrated stand/hanging bracket
    Housing protection: IP67
    Dimensions: 160 x 86 x 37mm³ (H x W x D) incl. protection boot
    Weight: 300g incl. battery and protection boot

    Scope of delivery: 
    Device with  3 AAA rechargeable batteries
    Probes: GE125-L02, LF425-L02, GWO5610-L02
    Case GKK2021
    Short manual 
    User manual and test protocol as a pdf file on mass storage medium

    Optional Accessories:
    GWO5610-L02     Probe (spare) for dissolved oxygen, 2m cable
    GWO5610-L04     Probe for dissolved oxygen, 4m cable
    LF425-L02            Probe (spare) for Conductivity, graphite measuring cell, 2m cable
    GE125-BNC-L02  Waterproof pH electrode (spare) with Pt1000, on a 4mm banana connector
    KOH 100              KOH spare electrolyte, 100ml
    GCAL 3610          Calibration bottle for dissolved oxygen sensors with Ų12mm
    GKL- 100              conductivity control solution, 1413µS/cm, 100ml bottle
    GKL-102               conductivity control solution, 50mS/cm, 100ml bottle
    PHL 4                   ready for use pH buffer solution, pH4 in 250ml dosage bottle
    PHL 7                   ready for use pH buffer solution, pH7 in 250ml dosage bottle
    PHL10                  ready for use pH buffer solution, pH10 in 250ml dosage bottle
    GRL100                HCL/pepsin cleaning solution, 100ml

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