Ozone, O3

Near-Earth Ozone

Near-Earth Ozone Ozone is produced in nature by strong...

Ozone, O3

Ozone is a powerful oxidant. Itis harmful to the lungs in high concentrations and therefore can be harmful to health. In contrast to thebleaching agentchlorine, ozone decomposes after a time into non-toxic oxygen.

Cheap ozone measuring devices with semiconductor sensors

As a distributor of Eco Sensors we offer ozone instruments and ozone monitors here for ground-level ozone in the air as well as controls for ozone generators which are equipped with robust and inexpensive semiconductor sensors.For some models,time consuming and costlyforwarding the instrumentsto the manufacturerfor the annual calibration is no longer necessary because only a pre-calibrated sensor board must be replaced.

High-precision measuring instruments ozone with UV technology

The UV-100 ozone instruments have high accuracy and a wide measurement range.Due totheir UV technology they have no cross-sensitivities, eg.towards non-volatile hydrocarbons (VOCs).

Meters for dissolved ozone in water

For the measurement of dissolved ozone in water we offer portable and stationary measuring instruments and accessories, making the ozone separated from the water and thenits concentration can be measured.