USB Oscilloscopes

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Oscilloscopes are instruments for viewing changing electrical DC and AC voltages.
Here you will find our large rane of various oscilloscopes and associated components, divided into different categories to helpyou out withmaking the rightdecision for your desired product.
Among other things we offer you, as an official distributor for "Pico Technology" in Germany, the popular quality PicoScopes with USB connection indifferent models and variants.
Do you alreadyown a USB oscilloscope andmiss aspecific adapter cable or another accessory?In the category "USB Oscilloscope Accessories" we offer you many optional accessoriesfor specific work with your oscilloscope.
You can alsopurchasethe more compact desktop oscilloscopes of "PeakTech" with a huge offer of capabilites, for the most various purposes.

You read our website and still have questions and/or aproblem? Please contact us! We are happy tosupport your decision.

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