Ultima 8, Lowest DC Voltage Demand Switch

Item number: Ultima8

  • 230VAC / 16A
  • decoupling of standby devices possible
  • max. 100 Watt disconnectable apparent power
  • ideal for example for shutter controls
  • only 230 millivolts monitoring voltage
  • Category: Demand Switches

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    Ultima 8, Lowest DC Voltage Demand Switch

    For automatic monitoring and mains disconnection.
    Apatented circuit can also reliably disconnect standby devices.

    • The disconnectable apparent powertotals up to100 W.
    • Ideal i.e. for z. B. for shutter controls,which cannot be disconnected by conventional demand switches.
    • Only230millivolts monitoring voltage - the lowest value on the market.
    • The setting possibilities enable a variety, but also require higher installation efforts and "thinking for oneself"during operation..

    Technical data:

    • Nominal voltage/ power rating: 16 A, 230 VAC /- 10%, 3500 W glow-lamp load.
    • Mechanical life expectance of the relay: ca. 15.000.000 switching cycles.
    • Monopolar disconnection:for optimal personal protection and minimum residual ripple.
    • Residual ripple: < 1 mV / < 1 mV / < 1 mV (nominal/typical/maximum).
    • Monitoring voltage : Minimum lowvoltage (230 mV).
    • Security: overvoltage proof according toIEC 1000-4-4 (Burst) and IEC 1000-4-5 (Surge). Compliance with air gap and leakage path according toEN 600065 / VDE0860.
    • Housing:Rail mountingDIN-EN 50 022 for the domestic fuse box,35 mm = 2 PE.
    • Warranty:2 years.
    • Scope of delivery: demand switch, system monitoring light,base load unit,detailed manual.

    How does a demand switch work?

    A domestic power circuit produces two types of "electrosmog": alternating magnetic fields and alternating electrical fields. While the magnetical fields "disappear" as soon as the appliance is switched off, the electrical fields remain present and a problem in the complete electric circuit all the way to the switch or to the empty socket even after switching the appliance off

    This is where the demand switch sets in:
    Having been installed in the domestic fuse box, it will automatically interrupt the intended power circuit as soon as the last appliance has been switched off. The interrupted circuit is now free of electric tension and can therefore no longer cause any electrical fields. Especially for the sleeping area this is an easy way to keep the room free from low frequency alternating fields.

    Comfortable solution for the user:
    As soon as any appliance is switched back on, the demand switch will recognize this and automatically and without delay return the electric tension onto the power line. This means, you don't even take note of the interruption in your everyday life.

    The determining elementsfor the operation of a demand switch are:

    • A power sensor to find out whether electricity is needed or not.
    • A power relay which will connect or interrupt the electric circuit with the power grid.
    • A cascaded rectifier circuit to generate a for building biologists uncritical DC control voltage which will control the interrupted circuit in order to detect a new demand for electricity.
    • And, of course, a control circuitry to make it all work reliably.

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