TGE-0010, CO2 Logger for Indoor Air Monitoring, 0-2000ppm

Item number: TGE-0010

  • measuring range: 0-2000pm
  • discreet case, suitable for wall mounting
  • self calibrating
  • uses Tinytag Explorer software
  • Category: Special data loggers

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    TGE-0010, CO2 Logger for Indoor Air Monitoring

    The CO2 logger measures and records the readings of carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air.
    Carbon dioxide is a measure for indoor air quality, and thus, for the quality of ventilation and of HVAC systems. CO2 concentrations above 1000ppm can cause problems of well-being and health risks in the long run.

    For the most applications the range of 0-2000ppm is sufficient.
    For more specialized situations a 0-5000ppm version is also available.

    The CO2 loggers are user-friendly and reliable, accurate, cost- effective and ideally suited to applications such as building monitoring, where it can play a key role in helping to veryfy that ventilation systems are performing correctly.

    Self-calibration: The logger uses a self-calibrating NDIR sensor. This uses an infrared source to accurately measure the carbon dioxide concentrations in an application. Over time, the properties of the infrared source will change, so the sensor uses a second infrared source, that is only powered up occasionally, to calibrate the first. This patented measurement technique allows for excellent long-term accuracy and stability.

    For the operation of the datalogger you need the Tinytag Explorer software and a USB interface cable. These can be ordered additionally as a software starter Pack 5.

    • Check correct operation of HVAC systems
    • Identify energy saving options in over-ventilated spaces
    • Verify whether UK and European standards for CO2 levels are being met

    - Cost-effective
    - Discreet case, suitable for wall mounting
    - Mains powered (UK/EU/US mains adaptor supplied)
    - Self calibrating
    - Uses Tinytag Explorer software

    Technical data:

    Sensor type: NDIR infra-red CO2 sensor
    Measuring range: 0-2000ppm CO2
    Accuracy: < ± (50ppm +2% of measuring value)
                    at 25°C and 1013mbar air pressure
    Response time t63: <195s
    Temperature dependence: 2ppm CO2/°C
    Long term stability: 20ppm/year (typical)
    A warm-up time of 5 minutes is required to achieve values specified above.
    The sensor needs an external power supply, which comes with the unit as a universal power supply.


    Total reading capacity: 32,000 readings
    Memory type: non volatile
    Delayed start: relative/absolute (up to 45 days)
    Stop options: when full
                         after n readings
                         never (overwrite oldest data)
    Reading types: actual, min, max.
    Logging interval: 1 min to 10 days
    Offload: while logging or after logging
    Alarms: 1, fully programmable; latchable (a second alarm can be programmed at the expense of the ?no-power? warning)
    Logger backup battery: CR2325 button cell
    The unit also has a +18V DC screw terminal connection on its circuit board that can be used to power the unit from a separate supply if required.

    General data:
    Working temperature range: -20°C to +60°C
    Case dimensions: 85 x 100 x 26 mm³ (W x H x D)
    Weight: 100g

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