TGE-0002, Tinytag Energy Logger Kit, Non-Invasive Energy Data Logger

Item number: TGE-0002

  • with large Ø175mm measuring coils
  • high accuracy: only 2% at power measurement!
  • records voltage, current, power and power factor
  • record for six weeks (5 minute logging interval)
  • non-invasive voltage and current connections
  • inexpensive 
  • single and 3-phase monitoring
  • can be started without a computer
  • comfortable software included
  • Category: Special data loggers

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    TGE-0002, Tinytag Energy Logger Kit, Non-Invasive Energy Data Logger

    • With large Ø175mm measuring coils
    • High accuracy: only 2% at power measurement!
    • Easy to operate, self-configuring
    • Records voltage, current, power and power factor
    • Record for six weeks (5 minute logging interval)
    • Non-invasive voltage and current connections
    • Small, portable and lightweight
    • Inexpensive 
    • Single and 3-phase monitoring
    • Can be started without a computer
    • Comfortable software included
    This is a high accuracy, inexpensive instrument with datalogger for RMS currents, RMS power and power factor in single or 3-phase mains networks. The logged readings can be later downloaded to the computer and be stored, displayed and printed there or even be exported to spreadsheet software. By means of the Energy Logger power consumption profiles can be created, which are the base for energy saving measures, then.
    The Energy Logger is preferably used in the following branches:
    • Universities, architecture academies
    • Energy consulting
    • Manufacturers of electrical appliances
    • Facility management
    • Energy suppliers, municipal utilities
    • Production management
    Portable: The device is supplied with its own carrying bag. It is small and lightweight and thus ideal for the use at on-site visits.

    Simple use: Choose the necessary connection type and the logger will display step by step the instructions for connection of the coils and cables.
    Fast and easy attachment of the coils: The current is measured via non-invasive Rogowski coils, which are easily clicked around the conductors (where bigger, rigid current clamps would not fit), and the voltage value is picked off via a standard mains lead with safety mains plug.

    Self-configuration: Once connected, the logger configures itself and the current, voltage, power and power factor readings are displayed.
    No complicated setup procedures: The current coils do not need to be connected with the appropriate current flow direction and they don't need to be matched to specific connection sockets. The supplied coils can be connected around conductors with max. 85mm diameter.
    Samples or longterm recording: The device can be used for taking samples or for longterm records for the creation of current consumpton profiles.
    Computer not available on site for starting recording: Simply press a button on the logger and the logging can manifold be started and stopped in order to enable the monitoring of different electrical equipment during an on-site visit. There are created separate files for each run for the display within the Tinytag Explorer software.
    Easy download, display and data management: Data is displayed and managed via the intuitive Tinytag Explorer software and can easily be exported to spreadsheet software like Excel. For the profile creation of buildings, data can be combined with temperature and humidity data from other loggers of the tinytag product range.
    Mounting: the logger is equipped with a holding magnet on the back side of the housing and thus can be mounted to metal surfaces during the operation.
    Display: The instrument's display shows the actual RMS current of all three phases, the momentary RMS voltage and the momentary total power.  

    Automatic software calculations: If data is downloaded to the Tinytag Explorer software, the following information is calculated and displayed:
    • Current peak and average value
    • Power peak and average value
    • Total power peak and average value
    • Energy consumption information (kWh)
    • One power factor for each phase
    Automatic curve detection: The voltage reference records the curve shape of one of the three phases and this is used as a reference also for the other two phases.
    High accuracy: The logger samples a 5kHz data burst every couple of seconds and creates a precise profile of the curve form. Thus the device is great for the precise capturing of inductive and complex loads, there where the curve is no real sine wave.
    Datalogging:  If 3-phase current and voltage are recorded, the device will operate 6 weeks with the default 5 minute interval setting (this can be changed to any from 30 seconds to 10 days via the Explorer software).
    Backup batteries: If the mains cable is connected the logger is powered via the mains voltage. If currents are recorded without the mains power connected, the device can record for 2 months by means of 4 AA batteries which can be exchanged by the user. 
    The TGE-0002 Energy Logger is supplied in a carrying bag with the following accessories: 
    3 x ACS-0020:       Large Rogowski measuring coils, Ø175mm
    1 x SWCD-0090:   Tinytag Explorer software
    1 x CAB-0030:       UK mains cable
    1 x CAB-0031:       EU mains cable
    1 x CAB-0032:       USB interface cable
    1 x 9800-0112:      User manual
    Technical data:
    Measuring ranges:
    Current: 2,000A AC RMS (momentary peak current)
    Nominal voltage: 200-253V AC
    Nominal frequency: 50/60Hz
    Display resolution:
    Current: 0.1A
    Voltage: 0.1V
    Power: 0.1 or 0.01kW, depending on the intensity of the measured load
    RMS current: 1% of the reading ±0.5A (over 10A)
    RMS voltage: 0.5% of the reading
    Power (kW): 2% of the reading
    Power faktor: <0.02 mistake (over 1kW)
    Sampling frequency: 5kHz reading burst every 2 seconds
    Measuring coils:
    Measuring principle: Rogowski coil
    absolute max. current: 5kA AC RMA
    Coil thickness: Ø8mm
    Loop inner diameter: 175mm (typical)
    Cable length: 1m
    Weight: 125g
    Recording interval: 30s to 10 days
    Memory capacity: 6 weeks at recording interval: 5min
    Operation temperature range: 0 to +50°C
    Operation air humidity: max. 95% r.F. (non-condensing)
    Max. operation level above sea level: 3,000m
    PC connection: USB port
    Power supply (backup): 4 x 1,5V AA  alkaline batteries
    Battery lifetime: typical 60 days, at a battery capacity of 2500mAh.
    Holding magnet on the device's backside for monting the logger on ferromagnetic surfaces
    Housing dimensions: 195 x 102 x 50mm³ (L x W x D)
    Weight datalogger: 600g, incl. batteries
    Warranty: 1 year on manufacturing mistakes
    EMV:       EN 61326-1;  CE
    Security:    EN 61010-1: 2010,
                     IEC 61010-1 (3rd edition): 2010
                     IEC 61010-2-030 (1st edition): 2010

    For standard 85mm diameter coils please choose Tinytag Energy Logger TGE-0001.

    Please note: this product is only for sale in the EU and Australia.

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