PS30, Particle Sampler for Air Sampling Systems

Item number: H01-155

  • Fits to the MBASS30 or base unit with hose connection for diaphragm pump
  • Suitable for rated volume flow of 30 l/min
  • Operating principle: Slot jet impactor for detecting overall spore total in the air
  • The sampling head is autoclavable
  • Category: Air Sampling

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    PS30, Particle Sampler for Air Sampling Systems

    To be connected to the air sampling system MBASS30.
    For the connection to the diaphragm pump MP 2/39 a base unit for sampling heads with hose connection is necessary.
    Slot jet impactor for air sampling in healthcare and bau-biology.
    The PS 30 particle sampler detects the overall spore total (cultivable and non-cultivable ) in the air.
    During particle sampling, airborne particles are made to impact fluidically via a slot jet onto a transparent object slide coated with adhesive.
    The particles are deposited onto a compact collection gauge 1.1 mm wide and 16 mm long.
    The slide loaded as described can subsequently be stained directly after the sampling (without cultivation) and evaluated using a light optical microscope. Unlike airborne spore sampling, in this case, the germination capacity of the particles is not relevant to the result, since each spore is detectable and countable in the microscope. Thanks to the high filtration efficiency of the particle collector, even agglomerates and aggregates of bacteria can be detected and counted.
    In addition, particle sampling also reveals very fast information about non-microbiological disturbances in the air such as fibres, inorganic particles (e.g. abrasive particles from production facilities).
    The particle sampler is ideal for microbiological inspection of clean air rooms and filters, for proving mould spores, which are not or hard to be cultivated (i.e. stachybotrys charatrum) and for fast tests of the remediation succes after microbiological remediation works.
    • Proven slot jet impation procedure
    • Collection of spores, pollen, fibres, dandruffs and other micro particles in air and gas on adhesive coated standard slides
    • Up to 3 samples on a single slide by adjustable slot nozzles
    • For the microscopic detection of all, even of non-germinable microorganisms, spores and particles
    • Sampling from all operating positions by slide fixing
    • Sampling of hollow spaces via hose connection to the sample air intake
    • Same operating volume flow of 30 l/min as with the LKS 30 air sampler and FA 30 filter adapter
    • No cultivation time - evaluation possible immediately after sampling
    • No temperature and time restrictions for sample transport
    • The methods conform to the VDI (German Association of Engineers) Guideline 4300 part 10
    Technical data:

    Air flow

    30 l/min

    Cut off value (dae 50)

    1.8 m

    Dimensions of slot jet

    1.1 mm x 16 mm

    Sample media

    adhesive coated slide 76 mm x 26 mm x 1.1 mm

    Sample air nozzle

    extendable with hose (1 inch)


    110 mm x 110 mm x 60 mm (L x W x H)


    600 g

    Optional accessory:
    Coated slide collection medium, suitable for PS30

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