ME 3830 B, Digital Electrosmog Analyser, up to 100kHz

Item number: ME3830B

  • inexpensive instrument for domestic use
  • magnetic AC field: 0 - 2,000nT
  • electrical AC field: 0 - 2,000V/m
  • frequency range: 16.6 - 100,000Hz
  • Category: Bau-Biology Instruments

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    ME 3830 B, Digital Electrosmog Analyser with Frequency Range up to 100kHz

    Inexpensive instrument for domestic use for unidimensional measuring of electrical and magnetic alternating (AC) fields.

    • Compensated frequency response from European railway frequency (16,67 Hertz), via the 50 Hertz of high tension power lines and the household mains installation to natural harmonics i.e. from transformer stations and similar up to 100 kHz.
    • Full frequency range of the "Standards of Bau-Biologic Measuring Technique": up to 100 kHz for detecting artificial harmonics i.e. from energy saving lamps or switching power supplies.
    • Switchable audible display (field strength proportional audios signal with "Geiger counter effect") for orientating measurements.
    • Simplest handling, also technical laymen can make meaningful measurements with this instrument.
    • Large background information, detailed manual for measuring and many  tips for the reduction of the measured exposure is supplied with the instrument.

    Technical data, measuring ranges:
    magnetic AC field: 0 - 2.000 nT, resolution: 1 nT
    electrical AC field: 0 - 2.000 V/m, resolution: 1 V/m
    basic accuracy: ±2% ±20 digits
    power supply: 9V battery
    sizes: 74 x 180 x 32 mm³
    weight: 178 g

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