TGRF-4602, Tinytag Plus Radio Data Logger with 2 Temperature/Humidity Probes

Item number: TGRF-4602

  • 4 channels for 2 supplied temperature/humidity probes
  • measuring ranges: -20 to +60°C and 0 - 100% RH
  • Logging intervals from 2 minutes to 10 days
  • Local cache of 2 weeks readings
  • Rugged IP67 case
  • Typical range of 200m (line of sight)
  • Radio licence-free frequency
  • Category: Gemini Tinytag Plus Radio Data Loggers

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    TGRF-4602, 4-Channel Temperature/Humidity Radio Data Logger

    Housed in a rugged waterproof (IP67) case, this self-contained radio logger unit monitors 2 temperature channels and 2 humidity channels simultaneously.
    The two supplied coated temperature/humidity sensors offer good resistance to moisture and condensation.
    The probes can be inserted into hard to reach areas, such as air conditioning vents and wall cavities.

    Typical applications:
    • Warehouses and storage
    • Air conditioning
    • Laboratories
    • Building performance and evaluation

    This data logger is suitable for outdoor, industrial and warehousing applications.
    The unit will typically run for 12 months on its 2 AA alkaline batteries. (The 12 months operation is quoted for a typical 10 minute logging interval in a network with max. 25 radio loggers and at max. 25°C operational temperature.)
    If required the unit can also be powered by an optional mains power supply.

    The unit is able to transmit logged data to another logger or a receiver or to store data locally in the event of radio contact  being temporarily lost.

    The data logger has got a status LED:
    + LED off: logger is off
    + green every 4 sec.: everything is o. k.
    + red every 4 sec.: not meshed or battery low or alarm indication

    The external temperature/humidity probe PBRF-8001 and the sensor extension cable CAB-0034 are supplied with the Logger.

    Please note: This article is only one component of the Tinytag Radio Logger System.
    For proper operation minimum one radio data logger and one Tinytag radio receiver with accompanying software are necessary!

    • 4 channels for 2 supplied temperature/humidity probes
    • -25 to +85°C and 0 - 100% RH
    • Logging intervals from 2 minutes to 10 days
    • Local cache of 2 weeks readings (10min interval)
    • IP67 case
    • User replaceable alkaline battery
    • Typical range of 200m (line of sight)
    • Radio licence-free frequency: 869.88 MHz (EU version)
    • Self-configuring and easy to set up
    • Self-contained and battery powered
    • Low battery warning
    • User-replaceable batteries
    • Fast access to information
    • Remote alarm signalling via e-mail
    • SMS messaging supported
    • Cost efficient

    Technical Data:
    Reading range temperature: -25°C to +85°C
    Sensor type:  10K NTC thermistor (external, supplied probe)
    Logger resolution: 0.01°C or better
    Response time: 5mins to 90% of the reading change (in moved air)

    Reading range humidity: 0 - 100% RH
    Resolution: 0.04%
    Accuracy: ±3%
    Response time: 90s to 90% FSD in moved air
    Stability: better than 1% per year (typical)

    Radio frequency: 869.88MHz (EU version)
    Radio power: <5mW
    Radio range: 200m, typical (line of sight).
    Radio licence: no licence required
    Memory type: non volatile
    Logging interval: 2 minutes to 10 days
    Offline capacity: one week, at a typical 10 minute logging interval
    Alarms: 2 programmable latching alarms (upper and lower) per channel
    Low battery monitor: software warning
    IP rating: IP67 water-proof (not valid for the sensor)
    Operational range: -20°C to +60°C
    Case Dimensions: 241 x 155 x 62mm³ (h x w x d, including aerial)
    Weight: 554g (including aerial)

    This device is also available upon request as versions for Australia.

    Supplied temperature/humidity probes:
    IP rating: IP20
    Operational range: -25°C to +85°C
    Probe dimensions: Length (without cable) 78mm
                                max. diameter: 16mm
    Cable length: 1.5m
    Weight: 76g

    Optional accessory:
    ACSRF-4030-PK         Tinytag Radio Plus receiver with the Radio Explorer software

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