TGRF-4022, Tinytag Plus Radio Logger for 2 Thermistor Probes

Item number: TGRF-4022

  • 2 temperature channels for external thermistor probes
  • Measuring range: -40 to +125°C
  • Logging intervals from 2 minutes to 10 days
  • Local cache of 2 week's readings (10min interval)
  • Rugged IP67 case
  • Typical range of 200m (line of sight)
  • Radio licence-free frequency
  • Self-configuring and easy to set up
  • LED status indication
  • Category: Gemini Tinytag Plus Radio Data Loggers

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    TGRF-4022, 2-Channel Temperature Radio Logger for Thermistor Probes

    Housed in a rugged waterproof (IP67) case, this self-contained radio logger unit monitors two temperature channels.  
    Like the data logger, the majority of the optional thermistor probes are waterproof and suitable for outdoor, industrial and warehousing applications.

    Popular applications:
    • Warehouses and product storage
    • Fridges and freezers
    • Industrial processes
    • Outdoor applications

    The logger will typically run for 12 months on its 2 AA alkaline batteries. (The 12 months operation is quoted for a typical 10 minute logging interval in a network with max. 25 radio loggers and at max. 25°C operational temperature).
    If required the unit can also be powered by an optional mains power supply.

    The unit is able to transmit logged data to another logger or a receiver and to store data locally in the event of radio contact  being temporarily lost.

    The data logger has got a status LED: 
    + LED off: logger is off
    + green every 4 sec.: everything is o. k.
    + red every 4 sec.: not meshed or battery low or alarm indication

    Please note: This article is only one component of the Tinytag Radio Logger System.
    For proper operation minimum one radio data logger and one Tinytag radio receiver with accompanying software are necessary!

    • 2 temperature channels
    • -40 to +125°C
    • Logging intervals from 2 minutes to 10 days
    • Local cache of 2 week?s readings (10min interval)
    • IP67 case
    • User replaceable alkaline battery
    • Typical range of 200m (line of sight)
    • Radio licence-free frequency: 869.88 MHz (EU version)
    • Self-configuring and easy to set up
    • Self-contained and battery powered
    • Low battery warning
    • Status LEDs
    • Fast access to information
    • Remote alarm signalling via e-mail
    • SMS messaging supported
    • Cost efficient

    Technical data:
    Measuring range: -40°C to +125°C
    Sensor Type:  10K NTC thermistor (external optional probe)
    Radio frequency: 869.88MHz (EU version, AUS version upon request)
    Radio power: <5mW
    Radio range: 200m, typical (line of sight).
    Radio licence: no licence required
    Memory type: non volatile
    Logging interval: 2 minutes to 10 days
    Offline capacity: 2 weeks, at a typical 10 minute logging interval
    Alarms: 2 programmable latching alarms (upper and lower) per channel
    Low battery monitor: software warning
    IP Rating: IP67 water-proof
    Operational Range: -20°C to +55°C
    Case Dimensions: 241 x 155 x 62mm³ (h x w x d, including aerial)
    Weight: 551g (including aerial)

    This device is supplied without a temperature probe. This needs to be ordered extra.

    Optional accessories:

    ACSRF-4030-PK                         Tinytag Radio receiver plus Radio Explorer software
    PB-5001-1M5/3M/5M               Standard thermistor probe
    PB-5002-1M5/3M/5M               Fast response thermistor probe
    PB-5003-1M5                             Surface thermistor probe
    PB-5004-1M                               Armoured thermistor probe
    PB-5006-0M5/1M5/3M/5M      Flexible thermistor probe
    PB-5010                                      Compact thermistor probe
    PB-5015-1M5/3M/10M             Encapsulated thermistor probe
    PB-5013-XM                               1m compost probe

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