GMK100, Capacitive Moisture Meter

Item number: GMK100

  • non-destructive moisture measurement
  • moisture display in %
  • acoustical and visual moisture rating
  • special material characteristics for wood and building materials
  • 2 different measurement depths (10 mm und 25 mm)
  • Category: Bau-Biology Instruments

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    GMK100, Capacitive Moisture Meter

    • Non-destructive moisture measurement
    • Moisture display in %
    • Acoustical and visual moisture rating
    • Special material characteristics for wood and building materials
    • 2 different measurement depths (10 mm und 25 mm)
    • Backlight

    • Wood
    • Concrete
    • Screed
    • Plaster
    • etc.

    The GMK 100 is a capacitive material moisture measur-ing device with direct moisture display in percent. It is optimally suited for home and handicraft.
    Depending on the application, it is possible to display the material moisture "u" or the water content "w".
    For measuring, the device simply has to be placed on the material. According to this concept the material to be measured remains without damage.
    In cooperation with well-known construction material manufacturers, special characteristic curves for wood and building materials were analyzed.
    There are integrated characteristic curves i.e. for wood with different densities (from 500-1000 g/m³), concrete, cement- and anhydridscreed as well as gypsum or lime cement plaster.

    Measuring Depth
    The humidity is measured by a measuring plate on the back of the device. With a side-mounted switch the measuring depth can be changed. With the help of measurements in different depth a statement could be made if for example the material dries already or if the moisture is just on the surface of the material.

    Moisture Rating
    Additional to the measured value there is a moisture rating: the decision if  "wet" or "dry" is done by a 6-step bar graph. Beside there is also an acoustical rating. The rating is just an approximate value and depends on the application of the measured material.

    Technical Data:
    Measuring range:  Water content (w): 0,0 ... 50%
                                    Material moisture (u): 0,0 ... 100% (wood);  0,0 ... ~8,0 (concrete etc.)
    Moisture rating: 6-step bargraph (wet ... dry)
    Measurement depth: 10mm / 25 mm
    Power supply: 9V block battery (Type 6F22 supplied)
    Features: Backlight, Acoustical and visual moisture rating, HOLD, Auto-Power-Off

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