Food Simulant Temperature Probe, NTC, for Thermadata Loggers

Item number: 172-350

  • thermistor probe
  • with Binder connector for Thermadata loggers
  • ideal for refrigerated food
  • simulates actual food temperature
  • maximum probe temperature +100°C
  • 9mm x 100mm x 100mm
  • Category: NTC Probes

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    Food Simulant Temperature Probe, NTC, for Thermadata Loggers

    This polypropylene food simulant probe is designed for use in refrigeration, food storage and chill cabinets where simulation of food temperature is required.
    The probe simulates the temperature of foods in chill cabinets and similar appliances.

    "Temperature Regulations relate to Food Temperatures, not the Air Temperature"
    When the door to a fridge or storage area is opened, air temperature immediately changes; but food temperatures remain more constant due to their mass.
    The ETI Food Simulant Probes are designed to be slow reacting and dampen the rapid fluctuations in air temperature. This gives a more accurate representation of the conditions that stored provisions maintain.
    The simulant probe consists of a block of food-safe Polypropylene, 9 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm, with the temperature sensor positioned in the centre of the block. This dampens any rapid changes in air temperature.
    These probes are invaluable for use with datalogging equipment or temperature controlling and monitoring, where the recording of temperatures may just capture an erroneous figure due to a sudden but unimportant change in air temperature

    Technical data:
    Sensor: NTC, thermistor
    Measuring range: 0 to +100°C
    Dimensions: 9mm x 100mm x 1
    Cable insulation: PUR/PTFE
    Cable length: 1m with three-pin Binder connector

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