Electrical & Magnetic AC Fields

Electrical and magnetic alternating fields

Electric and magnetic alternating fields do not occur in nature, only in the technological world.
They are caused by alternating voltages and alternating currents of electricity, artificially produced by generators and changing polarity in Europe 50 times per second (50 Hertz mains frequency). In the case of the electric railway the mains frequency is 16 2/3 hertz and in the USA the frequency of the power supply is 60 hertz.

Electrical alternating fields

Electrical alternating fields are radiated from alternating current conductors and form electrical alternating fields between the conductors and the earth.
The conductors include, for example, electrical home installations and high-voltage cables. Fluorescent lamps also emit strong electrical alternating fields. The unit of measure for the electrical alternating field is volt per meter (V / m).
Strong electrical alternating fields can cause damage or malfunction of sensitive electronic devices.
People who are permanently and especially in sleep in electrical alternating fields take the field like an antenna and this causes alternating currents and alternating voltages in the body. This can cause sleep disorders, headaches and a weak immune system in sensitive people.

Magnetic alternating fields

Magnetic alternating fields are radiated by alternating current conductors. The magnetic field lines spread concentrically around the conductor and decrease in their strength in the square to the distance. If the conductor is wound to a coil, the magnetic alternating field multiplies. This is used, for example, in technology to transmit electrical energy, to turn electric motors or to produce electric crane or magnetic solenoids with transformers.
Strong magnetic alternating fields can be measured in the vicinity of high-voltage power lines and traction current lines, transformers or chokes (coils) in fluorescent lamps.
The measuring unit for the magnetic alternating field (magnetic flux density) is Microtesla (µT), in the USA Milligaus (mG). 1mG = 100µT.
Strong magnetic alternating fields can erase magnetic data carriers and cause damage to or damage to sensitive electronic devices.
In the body of humans, which are permanently staying in magnetic alternating fields (and particularly in sleep) eddy currents are generated, which superimpose themselves on the electrical nervous system. This can cause sleep disorders, permanent headaches, a feeling of "batteredness" and a weak immune system in sensitive people.

"Dirty Electricity"

"Dirty electricity" is present when many frequencies are superimposed on the normal sinusoidal 50-Hertz wave of alternating voltage and alternating current. This can be caused, for example, by the retroactive effect of solar system inverters, or by phase controls of electric motors. Recently, more "dirt" is added in the form of internet networks via the electrical power grid (powerline) in the buildings. This causes a "disturbing fog" in the house via the electrical and magnetic alternating field, which, for example, can make radio reception impossible. Sensitive people react to this type of environmental pollution with health problems.

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