Temperature Probes

You are looking for temperature probes? We offer a wide range of different devices for targeted temperature measurements.

Temperature sensors: Applications and Functions

In this category we offer thermocouples, PT100 / PT1000 sensors and NTC probes. These are insertion probes, gas probes, surface probes, detachable thermocouples, self-adhesive thermocouples, tube surface probes, high temperature probes, magnetic surface probes, mini-needle probes, tyre temperature probes as well as many other probes which are used to measure the temperature as needed. In addition, we have a wide range of accessories in store for you. Temperature probes are used by both the industry and in laboratories, but also for everyday personal use they can be of great benefit. Step into the world of temperature probes and you will find everything you need to make professional temperature measurements.

PSE: Your partner for measuring instruments of all kinds

For over 25 years we are busy in the worldwide distribution of measuring devices and therefore we can look back on a lot of experience in this field. This experience we would like to pass on to you, so we present to you in our online shop a selection of quality temperature probes that are convincing by their high functionality and a pleasant value-for-money.

Simple search and professional product

Our temperature probes have been divided into sub-groups, so that you find  an instrument that meets your needs as soon as possible. Thanks to our quick search function, you also have the option to specifically search by the product name or probe types. Our temperature measuring devices have professional product descriptions, where you can check the functionality of each probe and most certainly willfind the right one!

Temperature probes in the PSE Online Shop

You will not find a larger variety of probes. Order from the experts!

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PT100/PT1000 Probes

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NTC Probes

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