Radioactivity is the characteristic of certain substances with unstable atomic nulei to spontaneously transform into other nuclei and thereby emit ionizing radiation. These so-called radionuclides are found in nature, but can also be artificially produced, i.e. in particle accelerators, nuclear reactors or nuclear weapons.

Alpha, Beta & Gamma Radiation

Ionizing radiation as it is caused by radioactivity, is hostile to life, depending on the dose (exposure time) of radiation and intensity.
With radioactivity there are particle radiation (alpha and beta radiation) and electromagnetic radiation (gamma radiation).

Particle radiation can contaminate air, soil, water and plants, and  thus can be absorbed through food and breathing air from the body, potentially causing serious health damage, such as degeneration and destruction of cells and cancer.
Gamma radiation is the same as X-rays and has the longest range and a high penetrating power.
Personnel and travelers in aircraft are exposed to an increased gamma radiation dose caused by cosmic radiation.

There are regions in Germany and throughout the world where the natural radioactive radiation is significantly higher than in other regions.
Finally, the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl and Fukushima as well as atomic bombs and nuclear weapons tests have shown that whole areas can be contaminated with radioactivity for millions of years and therefore can not provide a habitat for people any more.

The interim and final storage of radioactive waste from industry, the military and nuclear power plants makes it necessary to measure and monitor the presence and strength of radioactivity.

Geiger Counters, Geiger - Mueller Counters, Scintillation Counters

Radiation is measured by Geiger-Müller counters (Geiger counters), where the number of pulses per time will be displayed. There are also measuring devices that can distinguish between alpha, beta and gamma radiation.

Gamma radiation can also be measured with highly sensitive scintillation counters.

PSE is a distributor for the manufacturer Rotem Industries Ltd., which develops radiation measuring devices and manufactures them in accordance with ISO 9001.

Please note: Our range of Rotem radioactivity measuring devices is aimed exclusively at traders, freelancers, authorities, research institutions and the military. No sale to end users!

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