Lab Power Supplies

Power Supplies for Laboratory and Service

At workplaces and working benches, in the training area and in the laboratory normally only the normal mains voltage (i.e. 230VAC) is available to the user without any additional accessories. Since this is not sufficient for many applications, there is a wide range of laboratory power supplies available.
These power supplies provide different adjustable voltages and usually output currents to the user, which he can freely define, depending on the application in the context of the device specifications. 

Linear controlled power supplies

Linear controlled power supplies have to convert the primary-side input voltage via a transformer, which transforms the mains input voltage down to a fixed relationship on the secondary side. This also creates a galvanic separation which contributes to the safety of the user, since it prevents from any rollover of the mains voltage on the output side.
The regulation of the output values voltage and current is controlled internally in the microelectronics with adjustment via potentiometers or a button control.
Linear regulated power supplies feature a solid technology which makes the devices universally suitable for service, training and laboratory use. Also, due to the technical structure of the devices, almost no radio interference suppression is necessary.

Switching power supplies

Switching power supplies convert the mains voltege by internal rectifying, high-frequency alternating and electronically dividing the voltage into a usable and adjustable output voltage. Through this micro-electronic control switching power supplies allow a small case size and a high power output at a very high energy efficiency level.
Also, the digital control technology allows an easy control of the device by means of the USB data interface and thus, the remote control by a computer.
As a result, many applications, such as e.g. time programmable current and voltage values and cyclic operations.
Switching power supplies offer a wide spectrum of applications for industrial and professional use.

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