Pico Technology Dataloggers

USB data loggers

These are data loggers from Pico Technology, which are connected to the USB interface of a PC during the operation and are also fed via this. The data loggers have no battery or internal memory, but use the computer's hard-disk space to record the data with date and time stamps. During and after the recording, the measured data can be displayed as measuring curves and tables on the PC monitor as well as zoomed, printed and exported.

PicoLog data logger software

The convenient data logger software is provided free of charge with the data loggers.

Different data logger types

We supply various data logger types:
  • DC voltage data loggers, multi-channel and high-resolution
  • Alternating current data loggers for connecting current clamp adapters
  • Temperature data loggers for 8 thermocouples of different types
  • Temperature data loggers for 4 Pt100 or Pt1000 sensors

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