HF Radiation Meters and Accessories

Broadband Receivers

In this category you will find measuring instruments, indicators, broadband receivers and spectrum analyzers for the location, identification and quantification of high frequency electromagnetic radiation sources.

Identification of RF Signals

There are low-cost broadband receivers for the acoustic analysis of AM-demodulated signals and others which are already equipped with frequency filters in order to be able to identify the received, predominantly digitally pulsed RF signals, depending on the frequency range and sound characteristics, for example as a mobile radio signal (cellphone, tablet PC, mobile phone mast, G2, G3, LTE) or WLAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, radar, wireless camera systems, DECT cordless phones and babyphones and others...

Localization of RF Signal Sources

With appropriate log-per antennas it is also possible to determine the direction from where the radiation is emitted. This is important tho know for subsequent RF shielding measures.

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