Shielded Lamps

Here we offer shielded luminaires for electro-sensitive people and for those who do not want to become electro-sensitive. The shielding reduces the alternating electrical field that is radiated by voltage-carrying mains cables and conductors. The shielded luminaires basically consist of a three-pin connection cable, a metal lamp housing with protection class 1 and a screen basket for the bulb.

While conventional power lines are usually are designed as two pole leads with a Euro plug, these lines are three-pole (with protective conductor, thereby increased safety) and with metallic sheath of the connection cable for the shielding. The lamps have a metal housing which is also used to shield the alternating electric field in contrast to other materials such as plastic or wood. The lamp socket and the lamp were integrated by a screen basket in the shielded system according to biological recommendations in order to prevent serious electrical fields which can also be measured here without a shield.

This shield is effective only when the protective conductor of the circuit to which the lamp is connected is correctly earthed.

Since the connecting cables of the lamps have an earthed Schuko (protective ground) plug ( type F or CEE 7/4), they can be connected only in countries where this plug system is used as a standard. For LED lights, when operated with DC directed current or by battery, this screen is not necessary since there is no AC voltage and therefore no alternating electric fields.

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