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Why shielding of electric and magnetic alternating fields?

Artificially generated electric and magnetic fields play an increasing role nowadays. The use of electrical and electronic equipment in the living and working environment is constantly increasing. The influence of the artificially generated fields on the human body has not yet been conclusively researched, but there are increasing indications that people are sensitive to exposure to electric and/or magnetic fields.

These fields can be - without compromising on comfort or the latest technology for this purpose - significantly reduced by simple measures:

Alternating electric fields are generally caused by any electric line which is under AC power, even if a connected device is not turned on. This field can be almost completely eliminated by the use of specially shielded products in combination with a correct grounding/earthing.

Alternating magnetic fields arise only if a device/lamp is in operation, and thus a current is flowing. Also magnetic fields can be greatly reduced by the corresponding structure.

This shield is effective only when the protective conductor of the circuit to which the lamp is connected is correctly earthed.

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