Light, UV Radiation

You want to measure the illuminance of ceiling lights or lamps? UV radiation and light you measure best with these smart meters!

Measurement of light and UV radiation

In our online shop we offer a selection of light and UV measuring instruments, with which you can quickly and easily measure light and UV radiation at home, at work, in public places or on the road. Luxmeters are also used in industry i.e. to check the light levels of artificial lighting or in order to ensure an ideal plant growth. UV meters can however find applications in areas where, for example, the blue light hazard is very high; furthermore they are frequently used in laboratories.

High-quality measuring instruments at low prices

We offer light-measuring instruments and apparatus designed to measure ultraviolet radiation from brands such as PeakTech and ETI. At the same time we also offer inexpensive light pollution spies in this category  which are used for the acoustic analysis of light sources.

PSE: Capable advice by an expert

We are specialised in instruments, data loggers and special electronics and place high importance to good advices. Based on our professional product descriptions you can inform yourself fully and effectively about the merits of each device. In our product range light-measuring instruments and devices for measurement of UV radiation can be found in different quality and price levels, so you can choose from a variety of high quality products.

Measure light and UV radiation quickly and safely

... With our exclusive range of high quality Luxmeters, light pollution spies and UV measuring instruments and take pleasure at the quality of our products!

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