LED High Bay Luminaires

LED High Bay Luminaires

Energy saving and maintenance-free high bay LED luminaires are used in halls with a large ceiling height (>5m), where good illumination is required and fluorescent lamps are inadequate.
They are used in factory halls, warehouses, workshops, car showrooms, cold storage houses, arenas, stadiums, sports halls, gyms, exhibition halls, supermarkets etc.
The mercury vapour lamps (HQL) or metal halide lamps (HQI), previously used for these applications are increasingly replaced by the much more power-efficient LED lights.
The spotlights are hung on the eyelets on the top of the housings. The LED high bay luminaires are waterproof with IP65 and are therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Durable Industrial Quality

Designed to last more than 30,000 hours, these lights come in industrial quality with a 5-years warranty and are CE and RoHS approved.

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