Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

Cameras for Invisible Heat Radiation

Thermal imaging cameras use a non-contact imaging process to make the infrared rays invisible to the human eye.
The originally different shades of grey are represented in colour by appropriate technology because humans are better able to distinguish colour shades than shades of grey.
Because this "false colour" representation may also reduce the recognizability of the image objects there are also thermal imaging cameras that can overlay the thermal image with a real image.
Various applications:
Thermal cameras are used in building thermography to test thermal insulation and to detect thermal bridges in houses.
With electronic assemblies the distribution of the power loss can be made visible.
This technology can be used to find defective connections and overheated components in electrical distribution systems and in machines and vehicles.
Infrared cameras help firefighters locate embers or search for people in smoky buildings and off-road in the dark.
Doctors use infrared cameras for diagnostic purposes (fever, foci of inflammation, blood circulation, breast cancer)

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