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Material Moisture

Material Moisture Meters Due to direct water contact, heavy...

Our humidity measuring instruments deliver reliable values for the purpose of the optimal building biology.

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In the section of our hygrometers you will find just the right specialist equipment for your measurements. Especially in living rooms and spaceswhere we are often staying, a balance of humidity is very important. Therefore our reliable humidity measuring devices stand by yourside and allow you an accurate measurement and control of theindoor air quality. The measurement and monitoring of buildingand material moisture with ourmoisturemeters is essential for a healthy indoor climate.

Humidity or moisture content: Safely measured

We provide many different special compact devices for measuring and control of air humidityor moisture. They differ intheir specifications and features. However, they all have in common: they work with reliable technologies and have a long reliability through high quality standards. They also allow you a safe reading or recognizing the exact measurements. In addition, they are designed for everyday use in a compact housing and we also offer a wide accessory rangein this category.

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You can find the individual features of thehygrometers and detailedtechnical datain the product description of each specialty device. We offer you a huge selection of high qualityhumidity meters for all sorts of purposes. Discoverjust nowthe right product for your personal needs or simply ask us for help. Are there any questions leftabout the individual product or you are unsure when choosing? Then write us rightvia the contact form, because we are happy to help.

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