HF Shielding Materials

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Shielding Materials against High Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (EMC, Elektro-Smog)

The shielding of high frequency electromagnetic radiation (wireless radio waves of any kind)  is based on the reflexion of the radiation on metallic surfaces (mirror effect), as well as on the principle of absorption. All conductive RF shielding materials can also be grounded and thus are also suitable for shielding electrical AC fields and electrostatic fields. 

RF Shielding Fabrics and Fleeces

These are textile fabrics with metal filaments woveninto or whose surface was metallized. Due to this they have metallic characteristics. They are suitable for example for curtains and for shielding canopies.

Metal Shielding Gauzes

Varioius gauzes which exclusively consist of metal wires. The mesh width determines the frequency range of the reflected radiation. The gauzes can be mounted i.e.under the roof and inside the walls in wooden houses, and they are also suitable for experimental shielding measures.

RF Shielding Foil for Windows

Normal window glass is no obstacle to RF radiation! For windows shielding there is a self-adhesive plastic foil available which contains metal ingredients and due to these they have a shielding effect. The light transmission is reduced by this, similar as with sunglasses. 

RF Shielding Paint

The black breathable and solvent-free paint contains carbon fibres which can also reflect the RF radiation. It can be painted on walls, ceilings and floors, where it is necessary. When the painted surfaces have been grounded by means of suitable grounding materials you can paint it over again with another colour or you can paper it over again.