Grounding Accessories

Shielding Grounding

Many shielding products must or should be earthed (grounded), so that the LF shielding functions at all, and therefore no undesirable RF side effects take place!

  • Cable lug connection - the cable lug is established for fixed electrical installations. It replaces the previous 4mm golden connector. Torx bits and a screwing aid are included. 
  • Plastic parts - with industrial laser printers instead of milling, 90% plastic waste was reduced to an incredible 0%!
  • Metal parts - all stamped parts are vibratory ground finished, are mat and no longer have any sharp edges. 
  • Super flat - the grounding plates GS1, GS2 and GS3 are fully installed with expensive super flat head screws only 4mm high, with cover 6mm high. 



"Earthing" is a new trend from the US, connecting the body to the earth during sleep or at permanent stay places at home.
For more information see literature of Clinton Ober, Stephen Sinatra or Martin Zucker.
This "Earthing" also requires high-quality grounding accessories as we offer here.

The basis for these grounding measures are these professional grounding components
Worldwide, there are countless rules and regulations which should be followed.
For notes on many European countries, see "Grounding Instruction FPA".

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