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Ozone, O 3 Ozone is a powerful oxidant. It is harmful to...

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Measuring devices for carbon monoxide Carbon monoxide...

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Ionometers, Air Ion Counters These ionometers are used for the...

With this reliable specialized equipment for gases and air quality you can quickly identify all kinds of pollutants.

Experience the reliable security without harmful gases!

Pollutants and gases in the air can be particularly dangerous because they are hard to be seen and smelt. The reliable gauges of our gases and air quality category are highly effective tools which provide maximum security. Especially in rooms and in places which are surrounded by potential pollutant sources, you should not give up regular measurements of the values in the air. For all the pollutants and gases which are dangerous for air quality you will find a wide range of special equipment for efficient measurements.

Special equipment for ideal air quality

By means of these highly efficient devices you will manage a fast and accurate measurement. For this the equipment is designed with innovative technologies and manufactured according to high quality standards. Each meter has high performance and function and promises you a long-lasting use. In addition, these gauges are easy to use and can be used flexibly due to their compact forms. 
Gain certainty by measuring the air quality for carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide and more!

Have you got further questions regarding our products?

We offer many different gauges here such as for carbon dioxide, oxygen, or other gas measurements. Just discover the various products and learn more details in the individual product descriptions. Do you have any questions on air quality or are you unsure about choosing the right product? Then do not hesitate and let us know through the contact form. We are happy to help with any question.

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