Full Spectrum LED Daylight Lamps

Artificial LED Light, Similar to Sunlight

The best light is always the natural sunlight. We have been use dto this since the evolution of humanity, and we need enough sunlight for our health and well-being.
In the winter months and also in many buildings we rely on artificial light.
The earlier common incandescent lamps and the halogen lamps are banned by the legislature, because they are "power guzzlers" and the fluorescent tubes and energy-saving lamps contain poisonous mercury and later have to be treated as hazardous waste. Fluorescent lamps have ahigh flickering rate and, like the energy-saving lamps, theyemit strong alternating electrical fields (low-frequency electrosmog).

Meanwhile, there are many LED lamps in many different designs andwith differentsockets available. Most of them provide a warm white light (below 3300 Kelvin), soma also a very white light (3300 to 5300 Kelvin). If the lightcolour is more than 5000 Kelvin, these LED lamps are referred to as "daylight lamps".
This is a very white light which does not necessarily have to contain all the colours of the sunlight. Only the full-spectrum daylight lamps with the seven colours of the rainbow offer a light which is very similar to the midday sun!
Since LEDs are principally monochrome, i.e. can only emit light with a single wavelength, the sunlight-like colour spectrum of these lamps is composed of avarious LEDs with seven different colours.

Advantages of the sunlight-like colour spectrum:

  • Lets us see and recognize colours true to nature
  • Improves contrast and depth of field
  • Improves the mood
  • Acts against winter depression
  • Increases well-being, vitality, cardiacoutput andperformance
  • Controls the metabolism, the transition from rest (sleep) to activity (e.g. work) and our immune system
  • Ensures better concentration in learning and at work
  • Improves the eyesight, activity and quality of life of the elderly

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LED Light Strip, Full-Spectrum Light

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Full Spectrum LED Panel

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Full Spectrum LED Panel, Dimmable

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Full Spectrum LED Panel, CCT, Dimmable

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Mounting Frame for Full Spectrum LED Panels

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LED Floodlight with Full Spectrum Light, 35W, IP65

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