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What are Wireless Data Loggers?

Wireless Data loggers are electronic devices that record temperature over a period of time for analysis at a later date. The user chooses what information is required and the data logger records it. The data-loggers incorporate a thermistor sensor that measures the temperature, and the data-loggers internal microprocessor chip then stores the data. The stored data is wirelessly transferred to a computer, via internet or Bluetooth for further analysis at a time convenient to the user.

ETI has used its vast experience in temperature measurement, together with the latest technology, to create the ThermaData range of small, cost-effective Wi-Fi loggers and Bluetooth® wireless thermometers. All of which have been designed for ease of use and reliability.

Applications for remote monitoring
There are many uses for WiFi loggers and Bluetooth® wireless thermometers for example, to ensure compliance with legislation, to help save costs, to ensure the quality of a product, process, or for research purposes in the following industries:

  • food processing
  • environment
  • agriculture
  • logistics
  • laboratories
  • museums & archives
  • refrigeration
  • medical

The EC food industry directive suggests that organisations involved in food preparation, storage or transportation should have the ability to verify that the temperature of food has been kept at the correct levels. This is often referred to as due diligence. Data-loggers offer organisations a method of complying with food industry legislation by offering traceability from the moment the food is received to the time it is delivered to the customer. For shippers, data-loggers can verify that conditions within the transportation vehicles have been maintained within the specified levels.

For growers of fresh produce, data-loggers provide an accurate record of temperatures during the life-cycle of a product, from farm to plate, i.e. during growth, preparation and transportation of produce, thus ensuring best quality.


WiFi Data Loggers

Wireless data loggers from ETI provide a simple ready-to-use radio data logger System for temperatures.
It consists of  one up to max. 16 WiFi data loggers which are connected to a PC via a WLAN router that is already available with most users.
Via the appropriate software "ThermaData Studio" the user can upload the measured data or download programme information to each logger.
Each logger is a self-contained battery powered device that can receive, record, store and transmit data to a PC, Tablet or Smart/i-Phone.
There are several WiFi temperature logger models available, those with one internal sensor, with one internal and one fixed external sensor, with two fixed external sensors and those with interchangeable external thermocouple probes (type K or T).
The WiFi loggers have a reach of about 100m, depending on the make, model, technology and the settings of the router as well as on the ambient conditions.


Tinytag WiFi Data Logger System

Powerful ThermaData Studio Software

The ThermaData Studio software is powerful, sophisticated and user-friendly. Data can be organized and analyzed for the information of the management.
The software is required to connect WiFi loggers to a PC or laptop, but can also be used for other non- wireless ETI data loggers.
There is also a suitable software available for connecting the loggers to a tablet or other Smart device.
The ThermaData Studio software can display up to 32 curves in a graph. The user cn select the curve colours. All files can be displayed as mini-icons for an easy identification.
'The software allows the "starter" fo program the WiFi connection intervals, the recording intervals, the real-time clock, °C or °F display, the start delay (23h, 59min and 59s) or the selection of a manual start option. It is also possible to assign a 32-digit alphanumeric ID to each logger.


Bluetoth LE Thermometers

These are devices that can transmit temperature data directly to tablets or other smart devices via BlueTooth LE.
Each Bluetooth thermometer has been specifically designed to eliminate the need for connecting cables and connectors that often cause problems with conventional thermometers.
The wireless reach is 50m, depending on the make and model of the Smart device used, as well as on the ambient conditions.
There are different Bluetooth LE Models available - the Thermapen Blue LE with a fold-away probe, the BlueTherm One LE with one input for interchangeable type K thermocouples and the ThermaQ Blue LE with two inputs for interchangeable type K thermocouples.
The appropriate software ThermaQ App for connecting with the Smart devices can be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play.



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