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Our shielding materials offer you an optimal solution to reduce electrical or magnetic fields and to effectively shield the radiation.

Discover the electromagnetic protection!

Electrical cables, wires, transformers or other magnet sources can emit radiation, which should be shielded as much as possible or reduced to a minimum for the health of people according to the guidelines of the building biology. This is particularly important indoors where electrical, magnetic and high frequency electromagnetic radiation sources often can not be avoided. In the category of EMC Shielding you will find reliable and efficient means to curb disruptive electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields and to reduce the radiation emanating from them greatly.

EMC Shielding: practical and reliable

The quality of our shielding material offers absolute reliability and a practical application. Whatever source of interference you want to sheath or shield you can always achieve good results. As a provider of specialized equipment and products we offer highest quality at a low price also with the shielding materials. Every single product convinces through its powerful features and offers a high shielding.

The matching shielding?

Let us help you! You will find reliable and highly efficient shielding foils, dense fleeces or shielding paints. No matter what product you choose: You will always succeed with a reliable shield. Find now the specific products of this section and learn more in the product descriptions and in the detailed views. Do you have any questions or are you unsure about which material is best suited for your application? Then do not hesitate for long. Via our contact form we're here to help. 

Convince yourself here of the EMC protection possibilities!