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Our digital desktop oscilloscopes are exactly the right thing if you are looking for a measuring device that reliably displays any alternating voltage..

Experience digital voltage measurement!

The various desktop oscilloscopes in this category offer you the opportunity to reliably and with high precision measure not only the magnitude of direct and alternating voltages, but also the course of this voltage over time. With these special electronic devices, the measured values, the electrical voltage, are displayed optically on a screen. Thanks to the precise display on the desktop oscilloscopes, all individual channels can be read reliably and the concept of highly innovative information technologies combined with reliable electronics promises you a great visualization of all values. The storage oscilloscopes in this category have digital peak detection, the peak technology, which contributes to accurate measurements. Reliable measurements: desktop oscilloscopes.

Reliable measurements: desktop oscilloscopes

All desktop oscilloscopes in this category impress with their high quality and reliable functions, even for frequent use. They are also portable, compact in shape and easy to use and quick to read. Further information on the technical data and functionalities of the individual desktop oscilloscopes can be found in the product descriptions in the detailed view. Here you can compare and decide according to your personal needs.

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