Gemini Tinytag Ultra 2

Gemini Tinytag Ultra 2, Self-Contained Battery Powered Data Loggers for Indoor USE

Data Loggers for measuring indoor  temperature and humidity.

Sharing the same electronics as the Tinytag Plus 2, Tinytag Ultra2x are housed in a lightweight, splashproof  case (IP54). Tinytag Ultra 2s are designed primarily for indoor use, but can be used outdoors if appropriately protected with, for example, a Stevenson Screen. Tinytag Ultra 2 data loggers have a high reading accuracy and resolution, a large reading capacity, a fast offload speed and a low battery monitor. The Tinytag Ultra 2 thermocouple data logger is competitively priced.
For customers new to Tinytag data loggers, a starter pack including the logger, USB connection cable and the Tinytag Explorer software is available.

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