CONTRIK Power Multicore Cable

CONTRIK power multicore cables

Power multicore cables allow reduction of the cabling effort and cost. The CONTRIK power multicore cables are in compliance with standards like the DIN 15765. The highly flexible cables are available in various standard lengths from 5 to 40 meters. 

Key features of the CONTRIK power multicore cables:

  • Industrial standard connectors like LKS 19 (fully compatible with Socapex SL 419 series) and Harting E16
  • IP Protection in mated condition: Harting: IP65, LKS 19/Socapex 419 compatible: IP68 
  • 6 channels


Both the NEUTRIK and the CONTRIK power overmolded and re-wireable cables assemblies are ideally suited for outdoor usage and demanding mobile applications.

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