TGP-4804, Tinytag Plus 2, Standard Signal Surrent Datalogger, 0-20mA DC, IP68

Item number: TGP-4804

  • battery-powered voltage recorder
  • measuring range: 0-20mA DC
  • resolution: 1µA
  • 32,000 reading capacity
  • robust, waterproof case
  • user-settable alarms
  • Category: Weather & Climate

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    TGP-4804, Tinytag Plus 2, Standard Signal Surrent Datalogger, 0-20mA DC, IP68

    This datalogger can record DC currents from 0-20mA with a resolution of 1µA. An input signal cable is included for connection to various third-party sensors, meters and voltage sources with output currents up to 20mA DC.
    In case that a sensor is already equipped with a connected cable, suitable optional plugs are available for connection to the datalogger.

    Like all "Plus 2" dataloggers, the TGP-4804 is waterproof with IP68 protection and can therefore be used outdoors.

    The datalogger stores the measured values in milliampere units. If the user requires other physical units e.g. mbar, ppm, nT, W etc, which correspond to the sensors used, this is possible as an option upon surcharge when ordering the datalogger. (Because of this "scaling" please contact PSE before ordering.)

    Popular Applications:
    • Third-party Sensors with standard signal current outputs
    • Pressure 
    • Flow rate
    • Rainfall
    • Battery charging/discharging
    • Battery powered voltage recorder
    • 32,000 reading capacity
    • High accuracy and reading resolution
    • Robust, waterproof case
    • Low battery monitor
    • User-replaceable battery
    • User-settable alarms
    • Optional audible alarm

    Technical data:
    Measuring range: 0-20mA DC
    Resolution: 1µA
    Accuracy: 0.2% of reading ±20µA
    Memory:  32,000 readings, non volatile
    Trigger start: magnetic switch
    Delayed start: relative / absolute (up to 45 days)
    Stop Options: when full
                              after n Readings
                              never (overwrite oldest data)
    Reading types: Actual, Min, Max
    Logging interval: 1 sec to 10 days
    Offload: While stopped or when logging in minutes mode
    Alarms: 2 fully programmable; latchable
    Housing protection: IP68 (waterproof, only with the screw cap on the interface socket)
    Operation temperature range: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
    Housing sizes: 80 x 59 x 34mm³ (h x w x d)
    Weight: 110g

    Optional accessories (please order extra):
    SWPK-7 USB-INT Starter pack: TINYTAG EXPLORER Software and
                                         USB port cable with quick start guide in English, French, Italian, Spanish
                                         and Swedish.
    ACS-6000                   Trigger start magnet (only necessary, if you intend to use this kind of starting the logger runs)
    ACS-5001                   external audible alarm box

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