MT-652, Telemetry Module for Cathodic Corrosion Protection Systems

Item number: MT-652

  • 6 measurement channels
  • Measurement of AC and DC voltages 
  • Measurement in the range of microvolts
  • Integrated GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS/HSDPA modem
  • Dual-SIM technology 
  • 2 binary inputs
  • 2 groups of analogue inputs with 2 differential inputs each and one 100mV input
  • 2 optoisolated binary outputs
  • Built-in GPS receiver und accelerometer
  • Internal temperature sensor 
  • Local communication over USB, RS485 or optional Bluetooth LE
  • Remote communication via GPRS or SMS
  • 3 years warranty
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    MT-652, Telemetry Module for Cathodic Corrosion Protection Systems

    MT-652 telemetry module provides compact and high specification solution for remote monitoring and controlling of pipeline cathodic protection systems, tanks and other metal structures buried in the ground or submerged in water. The flexibility of module configuration allows you to adjust it to a series of installations - from the simplest to the most complex. Internal resources of the device allow for easy and secure remote configuration and implemented data protection mechanisms ensure safe operation of the system. MT-652 module is dedicated to the system where power lines are not available.

    The module comes with free software that uns on Microsoft Windows. It enables local configuration, remote configuration and includes an OPC driver that enables integration in SCADA systems.

    * 35mm DIN rail mounting
    * Power supply by external DC unit or internal battery pack
    * Built-in Quad Band GSM modem 
       - 2G (GSM/GPRS EDGE 900/1800) 
       - 3G (UMTS/HSPA+ 900/2100)
    * Communication interfaces: USB, RS-485, optional Bluetooth 4.x
    * Dual-SIM technology - access to 2 independent GSM networks ensures superior availability
    * 2 binary inputs (with common ground)
    * 2 optoisolated groups of analog inputs where each of them contains 2 differential inputs (configurable measurement range 0-10V or 0-100V) and 1 dedicated input 0-100mV)
    * 2 optoisolated binary outputs (60V, 1A)
    * Execute of measurements in the synchronous mode
    * Scheduler of measurements and tasks with possibilityof modification by user
    * Built-in GPS receiver for time synchronization
    * The accelerometer to detect tampering with the device or the devastation attempts (included unauthorized movement)
    * Internal built-in Li-ion battery (2600mAh) for energy backup in the module version powered by DC power supply unit)
    * Remote configuration, communication, monitoring and firmware upgrade via GPRS
    * Internal temperature sensor
    * Detection of main power failure and battery monitoring
    * 5 status LEDs (digital I/O states, Power supply status, GSM status and activity, GPS status)
    * Data logger with 0,1 second resolution stored data events in flash memory (capacity: 180,000 records)
    * Possibility to store data on the microSD card
    * Ability to integrate with SCADA system (OPC DA, OPC UA, ODBC and CSV support)
    * Transmission mode: 
       - GPRS/HSDPA - packet transmission 
       - SMS
    * Configurable access security - IP and Phone list, optional password
    * User friendly configuration software
    * Open communication protocol OPEN2

    Technical data:

    Dimensions without connectors: 190mm x 75mm x 55mm (LxWxH)
    Weight: 900g
    Operating temperature: -20 to +55°C
    Protection rate: IP65

    GSM/GPRS Modem:
    Modem type: uBlox Sara-U270
    Frequency range: 2G: 900/1800 MHz
                               3G: 900/2100 MHz
    Antenna: 50 Ohm
    GSM antenna connector: SMA-m

    Power supply:
    Voltage range: 7-30VDC
    Internal battery pack: Li- ion battery, capacity: 2.6Ah
    Input current (for 24V): Idle: 800µA
                                       Active: 70mA, 200mA (charging)
                                       Max: 2A

    Inputs IN1, IN2:
    Input voltage range: -30 to +30V
    Input resistance: 5.4kOhm typ.
    Input voltage ON (1): >9Vmin.
    Input voltage OFF (0): <3V max.
    Minimum pulse length: 5ms

    Outputs OUT1, OUT2:
    Recommended average current for single output: 100mA
    Switching voltage: max. 60V AC/DC
    Switching current per output: 1A
    Output resistance in the ON (1) state: max. 0.5 Ohm

    Two groups of optoisolated inputs with common ground (ANA, ANB):
    0-100mV input: mVA, mVB:
       Measuring range: ±100mV
       Resolution: 1µV
       AccuracyDC: ±0.1%
       Input resistance: >1MOhm
    0-100V input: ANA1, ANA2, ANB1, ANB2:
    Measuring range DC: ±10V; ±100V
       Measuring range AC: 100V
       Measurement resolution: 1mV
       Accuracy DC: ±0.1%
       Input resistance: >10MOhm

    Internal temperature sensor:
    Accuracy: ±1°C

    GPS receiver:
    Time synchronization accuracy: ±1ms

    Communication interfaces RS485, USB, BLE:
    Wire-bound: RS-485 (optoisolated)
    Wireless (remote, optional): Bluetooth 4.x, BLE

    Data logger:
    Internal memory: 180.000 records
    Data storage on microSD card: Depends on the capacity of  microSD card. Support for 32GB microSD cards

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