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Calibration Certificates for Pico Oscilloscopes

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We offer not only high Quality USB oscilloscopes from Pico Technology, but we will deliver the same also with the suitable accessories. 

Calibration Certificates for Oscilloscopes

You want an oscilloscope with calibration certificate? No problem, upon request we deliver factory fresh calibrated USB oscilloscopes.
Also re-calibrationg your oscilloscope periodically is no issue. We offer a calibration service for all Pico Technology oscilloscopes.
Even if your PC oscilloscope was never calibrated before this is no problem. Please contact us, we take care of the calibration of your instrument.  

Large Range of Oscilloscope Probes

We range many different oscilloscope probes. Active and passive probes, differential probes, CAT I-III, with different frequency ranges, divider ratios and input voltages. Whether you need an oscilloscope probe for 12V or for 1400V, for 10MHz or with a divider ration of 1:1 or 1:1000 we have it! The probes offered here are compatible with the Pico oscilloscopes and complement them perfectlyTastköpfe sind kompatibel mit den Pico Oszilloskopen und ergänzen diese perfekt. We also range probes which are specifically compensated for selected scopes. 

RF Test Accessories

You need Bessel-Thomson filters, attenuators or a power splitter for your RF measurements in the GHz range? Also these are available here. We offer a variety of models, suitable for any measurement purpose. But if you ever miss something, do not hesitate to ask us. Furthermore you can get various probes, test cables, terminators and further accessories from us.

Wide Range of Accessories for your Oscilloscope

Of course you can also get small accessories from us. In addition to cables and connectors, we also distribute more different adapters. From logic analyser test cables up to BNC adaptors you will find everything you might need around your oscilloscope. Try us! Your team of PSE Priggen Special Electronic.