Radiation, Fields (EMC)

Reliably measure radiation and  fields

You are looking for a high-quality and reliable instrument to measure the intensity of magnetic fields, electrical fields or radioactivity? Then you are exactly right here. In this category, we offer an extensive range of high quality and precision measuring instruments for data collection and identification of fields and radiation.

Alternating fields, electrostatics, magnetic fields & Co.

In many companies or scientific institutes measuring radiation or fields is indispensable. To determine the values ??as precise and reliable as possible, it is important to rely on high-quality measuring instruments. In our category you will find reliable measuring instruments for the determination of electrical and magnetic alternating fields, electrostatics, radioactivity, radon and more. Find in the individual sub-categories what you're looking for. Besides the measuring instruments you wil also find the matching accessories.

Rely on quality and durability

Our measuring instruments for the determination of radiation and fields are all of the highest quality and are ideal for reliable measurements and determining values. Convince yourself of the quality and you will find exactly the equipment that you need for measuring radiation or various fields.

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Order still today and measure reliably and accurately fields and radiation from now on.

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