LED Machine Lamps

LED light for machines and processes

In the working area of machines a flicker-free, UV-and IR-free, low maintenance light is required for inspection and maintenance. 
The machine lamps offered herein are designed for rugged use in industry, made in Germany and optimized for different applications.  

Variety of different LED machine lights

There are robust energy-saving gooseneck lights, recessed lights, surface mounted lights, light bars, tube lights and area lights with special properties such as flood lamps, spotlights, housing protection IP67, oil-resistant, with screwable base, with magnetic foot,  single and double row, with edge illumination and many more.

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MECHALED Flex- Arm, LED Machine Lamp, 5200K-5700K

starting from 247,52 € *

SPOTLED II, LED Machine Lamp, 10W, 5200K - 5700K

starting from 198,73 € *
143,99 € *
148,75 € *

LED Tube Lamp for Machines - TUBELED 70_24VDC, 5200K-5700K

starting from 226,10 € *

LED Tube Lamp for Machines - TUBELED_70, 230VAC

starting from 308,21 € *

TUBELED_40 II, LED Tube Light, 24VDC, 8200-5700K, 100°

starting from 157,08 € *

INROLED_70, LED Industrial Tube Light; Ų70mm

starting from 159,46 € *

INROLED_50, LED Industrial Tube Light, Ų50mm

starting from 139,23 € *

INROLED_25, LED- Industrial Tube Light, Ų25mm

starting from 114,24 € *

FIELDLED II, Large-Surface LED Machine Lamp, 5,200K - 5,700K

starting from 305,83 € *

SIGNALED, LED Machine Signal Lamp, RGB, 24VDC

starting from 129,71 € *