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Multimeters are measuring instruments which combine a variety of electrical measurements functions in one unit. Therefore, these devices are used universally in every area of electronics and are also essential for most applications. With multimeters, depending on the model, almost all electronic main values, such as voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and frequency can be measured. The space-saving technology enables the devices to have many more additional measurement functions such as the temperature measurement.

Multimeters aree usually divided according to the number of digits as shown in the display. Here is the rule of thumb: The more digits the multimeter has the higher ist the device accuracy. There is also a variety of special functions such as the maximum/ minimum value and the relative value meausrement function, which among other model characteristics such as a display with bargraph or autoranging, play an important role in the selection of a suitable device for the different requirements of the user.

In addition, there are many devices that can measure and transfer data to a computer via a USB interface to record the important measurement values for direct evaluation or if necessary at a later date.

Finally, there is the division into small, handy, portable multimeters for rapid deployment in the field and into table multimeters (desktop devices) that are suitable for permanent application on workshop or laboratory tables and which are operated with 230VAC mains voltage.