PM-10, Low Energy Scintillation Detector for Gamma Radiation

Item number: BAK-1491

  • External probe for ROTEM radiation meter RAM R-200
  • Probe for detection of gamma radiation
  • Count rate measuring range: 0-50,000cps
  • Highly efficient, hermetically sealed 2" NaI scintillator
  • Rugged, splash-proof housing


Category: Radioactivity

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PM-10, Low Energy Scintillation Detector for Gamma Radiation

The PM-10 is a scintillation detector with high sensitivity for the detection of low energy gamma and X-ray radiation.
It is an external probe for a ROTEM radiation meter RAM DA-3-2000
It can be optimized for the detection of I-125 and other low-energy gamma emitters (option).
The high efficiency of the PM-10 provides a minimum detectable level (MDL) of 0.35Bq/cm2 (approximately 1.10-5 µCi/cm2 surface contamination of 125I.

The PM-10 can be connected to the RAM DA-3-2000 portable survey meter as a highly sensitive effluent detector.

The PM-10 contains a highly efficient, hermetically sealed, NaI(Tl) scintillator, 2" diameter and 0.04" thick, coupled to a 2" photomultiplier tube encased in a rugged, splash proof housing for protection against shock, vibration and humidity.

The probe also contains a high voltage power supply, single channel analyzer (SCA), pulse shaper, GM saturation indicator, detector identifier and malfunction detection circuitry.

This configuration minimizes noise, improving sensitivity and stability.

Technical data:
Count rate measuring range: 0- 50,000cps
Radiation detected: Low energy gamma 10keV to 80keV
Scintillator: NaI (TI) , Ų2", 0.04" thick. Window of 1mm (0.001")
Surface sensitivity (in contact):
Isotope Sensitivity MDL
  (cpm/Bq/cm²) Bq/cm²
51Cr 4.6 150
125I 460 1.50
131I 90 7.50
99mTc 150 4.50
90Sr+90Y 280 2.50
36Cl 8.0 85
210Pb 95 7.40
32P 180 4.0

Minimum detectable level calculations are based on background.

Energy calibration: Software calibrated single channel analyser (SCA) within the energy range ±5keV (minimum)
Temperature range: -10°C to +50°C (150°F to +122°F)
Humidity range: 40% to 95% RH (non condensing)
Dimensions: 290mm x 70mm (11.4" x 2.8")
Weight: 1.25kg (2.8lbs)
Casing: Aluminium, thickness: 1mm (0.04"), splash-proof, IP65
Output signals: TTL pulses
                             Detector status: ID, OK, malfunction, overflow
One of the optional cables is required to connect the probe to the meter:
BAK-0420  1.5m straight connection cable
BAK-0490  1.5m coiled connection cable

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