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The FIBERFOX 4CH cable connector is an extended optical path hermaphrodite connector suitable for a variety of applications including lighting, network, public address, video, broadcast, defense and government, railway and petrochemical. The innovative design allows for use in the most demanding environments where consistent performance and absolute reliability are critical. The connector was developed according to the MIL-DTL-83526 standard and is compatible with all other connectors that use this standard. Neutrik offers this exceptional connector solution in single mode and multimode. Thanks to expanded beam technology and precise optical alignment, the system offers high immunity against dust, mud, liquids and other contaminants. The hermaphroditic FIBERFOX coupling eliminates the need for adapters and female and male halves. The cable connector is delivered pre-assembled and is not available as an individual part. The finished cable is available in standardized lengths and is packaged either on a drum or in an air coil. Translated with (free version)