MT-723, Energy efficient GPRS/SMS Datalogger, IP68

Item number: MT-723

  • SMS and GSM/GPRS packet transmission
  • Integral GSM 850/900/1800/1900 modem with autonomous GPRS login procedures
  • 6 binary/counter inputs for potential free contacts (for instance, pulse outputs from flow meters)
  • 2 analogue inputs 0-5 VDC with configurable alarm thresholds and hysteresis
  • Built in pressure gauge 0 - 10 Bar (other ranges optional)
  • 2 controlling outputs
  • Latched 0-5 VDC voltage supply for external analogue sensors
  • Shock sensors (detecting intrusion)
  • Intelligent data logger (4 MB Flash memory ? max. 10,000 records)
  • Configurable schedules and events initiating measurements and data transmission
  • Waking up the device by means of a reed contact, without removing the housing cover
  • Real Time Clock RTC
  • External power supply 7-30 VDC (alkaline or lithium batteries, accumulators, solar panels, permanent supply)
  • Intelligent power management
  • USB Port (IP68) for local configuration
  • IP68 cabinet and connectors, circuits molded in protective gel
  • Optional GPS receiver
  • SMB IP-68 antenna socket
  • Operating temperature -20° to +55 °C
  • Intuitive, user friendly configuration and communication applications.
  • Application for remote control via GPRS network
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Category: inVentia Telemetry, PLC, GSM

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    MT-723, Energy efficient GPRS/SMS Datalogger, IP68

    MT-723 module is a data logging and transmitting device with the highest degree of protection against harsh external environment. Like other modules from MT family, MT-723 module is a cutting edge design characterized by technological advancement, innovative solutions, ease of configuration and integration with data gathering and processing systems. The module has the possibility of initiating data transmission (event-driven or scheduled) which helps to minimize the transmission costs and energy consumption, therefore increasing battery life. However it is possible to set up the device to stay online permanently or for a desired time thus allowing to poll both current, logged or both types of data asynchronously from the module.

    Robust, compact design enclosed in a polycarbonate housing with IP68 protection module allows installation and usage of module in places with harsh environment and without power supply (such as water supply network measuring chambers). The module can be powered from alkaline or lithium battery packs, batteries, solar panels as well as from stationary sources of power. Voltage level of power source is constantly monitored and transmitted together with measurement data. In the case of disconnection of an external power supply internal lithium battery provides power essential for counting pulses on inputs I1 ? I6, sustains the RTC clock and triggers power loss alarm.

    The MT-723 module is equipped with 6 binary/counter inputs (supporting potential free contacts used e.g. as pulse outputs of water meters) and three analogue inputs for measuring parameters such as pressure, temperature, water level, etc. Keyed voltage source for powering analog sensors which provides power only for a short time needed for measurement and outputs that can be used for controlling external power source powering analog sensors are solutions which, in conjunction with the deactivation of GSM/GPRS modem when there is no data transmission, ensure an extremely low power consumption. Measurement data is stamped with precise time and can be recorded in nonvolatile Flash memory. In addition to measuring functions the module can also report states of emergency such as mechanical shock, flooding, unauthorized opening of the chamber, lack of flow, exceeding specified level of flow, pressure, water level, temperature, humidity, etc. Resources and functionality of the MT-723 module can be optimized for specific applications thanks to the many available options (module flooding sensor, pressure transmitter, GPS receiver). The module is supplied with user friendly configuration environment and communication driver providing OPC, ODBC and CSV interfaces for data reception and the software for remote management via GPRS. User can manage modules from remote via GPRS. Remote management includes firmware updates.

    Technical data:

    Dimensions: 80 x 140 x 65mm³
    Weight: 600g
    Mounting: 4 holes
    Operating temperature: -20 to +55°C
    Protection rate: IP68

    GSM/GPRS Modem:
    Modem type: SIERRA WIRELESS
    GSM: Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900)
    Frequency ranges:
       GSM 850: Transmitter: 824MHz - 849MHz; receiver: 869MHz - 894MHz
       EGS 9000: Transmitter: 880MHz - 915MHz; receiver: 925MHz - 960MHz
       DCS 1800: Transmitter: 1710MHz - 1785MHz; receiver: 1805MHz - 1880MHz
       PCS 1900: Transmitter: 1850 MHz - 1910MHz; receiver: 1930MHz - 1990MHz
    Transmitter peak power GSM850/EGSM900: 33dBm (2W) - class 1- station
    Transmitter peak power DCS1800/PCS1900: 30dBm (1W) - class 1- station
    Modulation: 0.3 GMSK
    Channel spacing: 200kHz
    Antenna impedance: 50 Ohm

    Power supply:
    Supply voltage range: 7-30VDC
    Medium current in sleep mode (for 12V): <250µA
    Medium current when transmitting data (for 12V): 25mA
    Peak current when transmitting data (for 12V): 500mA

    Analogue inputs AN1 - AN3:
    Measuring range: 0-5.0V
    Input resistance: >600kOhm typ.
    Resolution: 12 bits
    Accuracy in full operating temperature range: ±0.3%
    Accuracy at +25°C: ±0.1%

    Binary inputs I1 - I6 / counter inputs I1 - I5:
    Contact polarization: 3V
    Counting frequency for counting inputs: 250Hz max.
    Minimum pulse length for counter inputs: 2ms
    Minimum pulse length for binary inputs: 0.1s

    NMOS outputs Q1, Q2:
    Maximum voltage: 30V
    Maximum current: 250mA
    Switch off current: <50µA
    Resistance: 1 Ohm

    Configurable voltage output:
    Voltage range: 0-5.0V
    resolution: 0.1V
    Accuracy: 2%
    Maximum current: 50mA

    Memory type: Flash
    Memory size: 4MB (10,000 records)
    Minimum recording interval: 1s

    Optional accessories:
    • 4, 6, or 8 pin I/O cable, 2m
    • IP68  attachment antenna
    • GSM remote antenna with 3m cable
    • Power supply cable 
    • IP68 battery with power supply cable
    • Starter magnet
    The module is supplied without any sensors. These need to be ordered separately.

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