MT-151 HMI V2, MOBICON Mobile Controller for 2G/3G Telemetry

Item number: MT-151 HMI V2

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Data logger
  • Protocol converter
  • with wireless communication interface for GPRS data transmission via GSM 2G/3G
  • Ports for wire-bound data transmission
  • 16 digital inputs
  • 12 digital outputs 
  • 4 analog inputs 4-20mA
  • 2 analog inputs 0-10V
  • OLED graphic display
  • 3 years warranty
  • Category: inVentia Telemetry, PLC, GSM

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    MT-151 HMI V2, MOBICON Mobile Controller for 2G/3G Telemetry

    • 2G/3G data packet transmission
    • Embedded GSM 2G/3G modem
    • Dual-SIM technology (passive) - access to 2 independent GSM networks ensures superior availability
    • 16 binary inputs (galvanic isolation)
    • 12 binary outputs, selectively configurable as inputs (galvanic isolation)
    • 4 analog inputs 4 - 20mA (galvanic isolation)
    • 2 analog inputs 0 - 10V (without galvanic isolation)
    • Ethernet port 10Base-T/100Base-TX
    • RS-232/485 serial port for external devices (galvanic isolation)
    • RS-232 port with 5V feeding for operator panels
    • OLED graphic display (128x64 pixels)
    • Diagnostic LEDs
    • Battery buffered power supply (SLA battery support)
    • Data logger with 0.1 sec resolution (micro SD card support)
    • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
    • Standard communication protocols (MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, M-BUS, SNMP, IEC 60870-5-104)
    • FlexSerial - programmable handling of non-standard serial protocols
    • Remote configuration, programming, diagnostics and firmware upgrade via GPRS

    The MT-151 HMI V2 is a family of new generation telemetry controllers for demanding tasks and applications. The MT-151 HMI V2 model is a professional, industrial design combining functionality of programmable logic controller, data logger, protocol converter and wireless communication interface for GPRS packet transmission over GSM network. Dual-SIM technology ensures superior level of GSM network availability, providing redundant channel of data transmission. Ethernet port provides powerful capabilities of integration with other devices and systems of the user. Graphic display is a convenient user interface for local diagnostics, supervision and monitoring - without use of external operator panel or portable PC. With compact, robust design, integral GSM modem, attractive technical features and easy to use configuration tools the MT-151 HMI V2 controller is an optimal solution for demanding wireless telemetry, control, diagnostic, surveillance and alarm systems.

    • 16 optoisolated binary/counter inputs 12/24VDC (I1 - I16), positive logic
    • 12 optoisolated binary outputs 12/24VDC (Q1 - Q12), positive logic - selectively configurable as inputs
    • 4 optoisolated differential analog inputs 4 - 20mA (accuracy 0.2%, 14-bit resolution @ 1sec interval) with configurable hysteresis and filtration
    • 2 single-ended analog inputs 0-10V
    • Ethernet port 10Base-T/100Base-TX
    • Isolated RS-232/485 serial port
    • RS-232 serial port with 5V/500mA feeding
    • micro USB (AB) port for local configuration and programming
    • Interface for backup 12V SLA battery - charging support
    • 2 SIM holders - Dual-SIM support
    • OLED graphic display (128x64) and status LEDs
    • Internal flags and registers for user application program
    • Firmware Flash memory with remote update capability
    • Data and Event logger supporting micro SD card
    • RTC with external synchronization functions


    + Access to module resources using standard protocols MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP
    + Intelligent packet routing and Multimaster support in MODBUS mode
    + Programmable control logic using I/Os, timers, counters, flags and registers for triggering events (data transmission/recording, SMS transmission, e-mail transmission, setting outputs and internal registers, making calls, etc.)
    + Event based transmission (unsolicited messaging) triggered by change of binary input state, internal flag state, by reaching alarm level of analog input, by true condition.
    + Configurable SMS messages triggered by alarms and scheduled
    + Dynamic fields in SMS text
    + Configurable alarm levels, hysteresis, deadband and filtration for analog inputs
    + Data and event recording on micro SD card with 0.1 sec resolution
    + Transmission of data from external devices connected to RS-232/485 serial port
    + 5V feeding provided for external device connected to RS-232 serial port (e.g. operator panel, GPS receiver)
    + Configurable events based on mirrored resources of external devices
    + Remote configuration and programming via GPRS/HSPA
    + Configurable access security - list of authorized IPs and tel. numbers, optional password
    + DIN rail mounting
    + Supply voltage 12/24VDC
    + Built-in management of external SLA backup battery
    + Built-in advanced auto-diagnostics
    + Detachable terminal blocks

    Technical data:

    Dimensions (L x W x H):  157 x 86 x 58mm³
    Weight: 400g
    Fixing: DIN Rail 35mm
    Operating temperature: -20 to +65°C
    Protection class: IP40
    Warranty: 3 years

    GSM/GPRS Modem
    Modem type: Cinterion  EHS6
    GSM: QuadBand (850/900/1800/1900)
    UMTS: five band ranges (800/850/900/1900/2100
    Antenna: 50 Ohm

    Power supply
    DC (nom. 12/24V): 10.8 to 36V
    Input current (@ 24VDC): Idle: 0.06A; Active: 0.25A; Max. 1.00A

    Inputs I1 - I16
    Input voltage range: 0 to 30V
    Input current limit: 2.4ma
    Input voltage ON (1): > +9.4V
    Input voltage OFF (0): <8,4V

    Inputs Q1 - Q12
    Input voltage range: 30V
    Input current: 10mA/24V
    Input voltage ON (1): > 9.4V
    Input voltage OFF (0): < 8.4V

    Outputs Q1 - Q12
    Maximum output current: 100mA
    Voltage drop @ 100mA: <0.5V
    OFF state current: <100µA

    Analog inputs 4-20mA (4)
    Input current range: 4-20mA
    Maximum input current: 50mA
    Dynamic input impedance: 55 Ohm typ.
    Voltage drop @ 20mA: < 5V
    A/D converter resolution: 14 bits
    Accuracy (@ 25°C): 0.2%

    Analog inputs 0-10V (2)
    Input voltage range: 0-10V
    Maximum input voltage: 20V
    Input impedance: 197 kOhm typ.
    A/D converter resolution: 12 bits
    Accuracy @ 25°C): 0.5%

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