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In our online shop you can find everything you need for your measurement needs:  from oscilloscopes via thermometers, sensors, transducers to high-quality wireless data logging systems and environmental and energy data acquisition systems. We are your partner for measurement, measuring equipment, sensors and industrial metrology. We are a distributor, wholesaler and retailer for a variety of manufacturers of quality products.

In our online shop with over 2,000 articles you find something suitable for a variety of measurement parameters. Furthermore there are also automotive diagnosis oscilloscopes, measuring accessories and EMC shielding materials.

USB Oscilloscopes

Under „Pico Technology Instruments“ there are oscilloscopes for connection to a USB port of your PC, ranging from a single-channel device in wand format via 2-channel devices in passport format to high precision 2-, 4- and 8-channel devices as digital storage oscilloscopes, differential oscilloscopes or 20MHz sampling oscilloscopes. The appropriate comfortable PicoScope software is provided free of charge. In addition, you will find extensive oscilloscope measuring accessories such as test leads, adapters, voltage divider probes and current clamps in our PSE online shop.

Portable Meters

You can choose from a large number of different thermometers and types: For industry, food home cooking, oven, fridge/freezer and specific applications there are contact and infrared thermometers and thermometer kits. Other portable meters measure humidity, gas concentrations of different flammable and toxic gases, noise, light intensity and more. We also offer environmental measuring instruments for applications in agriculture, forestry, horticulture and aquaculture as well as for environmental measurements inside and outside of buildings, especially also for building biologists (electro-smog, environmental toxins, air, Sick Building Syndrome).

Mobile and Stationary Data Loggers

Data loggers record measuring values in function of time and the data can later be further processed as measurement curves or spreadsheets and evaluated, then. Here you find data loggers of different manufacturers and for various applications. There are temperature and humidity recorded as well as currents and voltages of sensors with standard signal outputs. Depending on the application there are different housing shapes available for indoor or outdoor and even under water use. For automatic area-wide monitoring of environmental data there are wireless data logger systems from Tinytag and ETI which are used in galleries, museums, warehouses and logistics applications.

Manufacturer Independent Automotive Diagnostics Oscilloscopes

Based on the Pico USB oscilloscopes we ofer automotive diagnostics oscilloscoopes with diagnistics software that are specifically designed for use on motor vehicles of various makes.  The “Automotive” oscilloscopes are offered as single units but also as sets for starers, as standard kit, as kit for Diesel vehicles or as “Advanced” set with different practical measurement accessories. The accessories can be purchased at any time later to extend the existing equipment.

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