GMH 3851 Material Moisture Meter with Data Logger

Item number: GMH3851

  • moisture evaluation
  • display of moisture content -"u" or wet-basis moisture content "w"
  • integrated data logger
  • 4 freely programmable user specific characteristics
  • 20 interpolation points per curve
  • limitation of different materials to up to 8 favourites
  • external temperature probes connectable
  • serial interface or analog output 0-1V, freely adjustable
  • Category: Material Moisture

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    GMH 3851, Precision Material and Building Moisture Meter with Data Logger, without Accessories

    For the measurement of moisture in wood, building materials, insulating materials, straw, hay, paper, textiles and more...
    The GMH3851 offers important advantages in handling, user-friendliness, functional range and accuracy for your metrological work. The absolute moisture content of 494 materials is displayed directly. The cumbersome usage of calculation tables now is history. Additionally you get a evaluation of your material state (wet/dry) of nearly all materials instantly.

    • 466 wood characteristic curves
    • 28 building material characteristic curves
    • moisture evaluation
    • display of moisture content -"u" or wet-basis moisture content "w"
    • external temperature probes connectable
    • serial interface or analog output 0-1V, freely adjustable
    • Future-proof via updates

      General applications:
      Precision measurements in cut wood, chip board, veneer, sawdust, wood chips, wood wool, flax, straw, hay, concrete, gas concrete, bricks, wash floor, cast, limestone mortar, cement mortar, paper, carton, textiles etc.

      Architects, experts, inspectors, building contractors, painters, carpenters, parquet joiners, floor tilers,
      wood works, timber desiccation plants, building repair companies, textile industries etc.

      The instrument is supplied without external probes. It has a BNC socket for the moisture probes and a thermovoltage-free socket for external thermocouples of the type K.
      Suitable sensor can be ordered additionally according to the following presentation.
      There is also the possibility to order complete accessory Sets for wood moisture or for wood and building moisture.
      For the measurement of hard materials, there are optional accessories available.

      Technical data:
      Measuring principle:
      moisture: resistive material-moisture-measuring, matching DIN EN 13183-2:2002
      temperature external: thermocouple, NiCr-Ni (type K)
      temperature internal: NTC

      Characteristic curves: 494

      Measuring ranges:
           moisture: 0,0 to 100,0 % moisture content (depending on characteristic curve)
           temperature: -40,0...+200,0°C (-40,0...+392,0°F)
           Evaluation: in 9 steps (dry ... wet)
           Resolution: 0,1% resp. 0,1°C (0,1°F)

      Hold, Auto-Hold (automatic freezing of a constant value),
      Low battery warning,
      Sort (limitation of the choice of materials to up to 8 favourites),
      Auto Power Off
      4 freely prorammable user specific characteristics,
      20 interpolation points per curve:

           By means of the free software GMHKonfig the interpolation points can be comfortably edited and stored to the instrument.
           Requured optional accessory: interface converter USB 3100 N.
      Data logger:
           This instrument is essential for the documentation of material state by quality assurance systems, etc.
           By means of the integrated data logger there can be up to 10,000 measuringvalues recorded and processed on demand.
           Additionally it is possible to individually program 4 material curves (e.g. with dry oven or CM-method).
           This instrument finally makes paper correction tables unnecessary.
           Logger functions:
                -manual: 99 data sets (fetch data via buttons or interface)
                -cyclic: 10,000 data sets (fetch data via interface)
                adjustable cycle time: 1s...1h
                The Logger is started or stopped by keypad or interface.
                The optional software GSOFT3050 is available for comfortable read-out of logger data.

      Accuracy device at nominal temperature:
      wood: ±0,2 % moisture content (deviation from characteristic curve at range 6...30%)
      building material: ±0,2 % moisture content (deviation from characteristic curve)
      temperature (external): ±0,5% v. MW ±0,3°C

      Temperature compensation: automatically or manual

      Sensor connection:
           moisture: BNC
           temperature: flat pin plug (free of thermo-voltage)
      Perm. working temperature: -25 to 50 °C
      Display: two 4 digit LCDs (12.4mm or 7mm high), as well as additional arrows.
      Pushbuttons: 6 membrane keys
      Output: 3-pin jack connector Ø3.5mm, choice between serial interface or analog output
      - serial interface: direct connection to RS232 or USB interface of a PC via electrically isolated
         interface adapter GRS3100 or GRS3105 resp. USB3100 (p.r.t. accessories).
      - analog output: 0...1V, freely adjustable Power supply: 9V-battery, additional DC connector for external 10.5-12V direct voltage supply (suitable optional power supply: GNG10/3000).
      Power consumption: approx. 2.5 mA
      Dimensions / Weight: 142 x 71 x 26 mm, 155 g
      Housing: Impact-resistant ABS plastic housing, membrane keyboard, transparent panel. Front side IP65, integrated pop-up clip

      Optional accessories:
      The GMH 3831 is supplied without any accessories.
      For different application purposes there are also 3 optional accessory kits available:
      SET 38 HF (wood moisture kit)
      SET 38BF (wood and building moisture kit)
      SET 38 MPS (MPA wood moisture kit)
      Other optional accessories can be ordered separately.

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